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Regarding WCCPv2, locked up Ironport and ASA

Greetings gentlemen,

     Ok here's my real world scenario :

     I'm managing my client's Ironport appliance and it so happened that the device entered into an unknown status in which the appliance did not respond to any attempts to SSH or https access to its GUI for about two days. It so turned out that during those two days, IronPort Support determined that the device's hard drive had locked up and have not been sending out access logs. From their point, clients should not be able to get access to the internet in this situation due to the fact that the WSA would have dropped packets redirected to it from the ASA, essentially a black hole in the nework. Funny thing is I did not receive any complaints from the client's staff about any failure to connect to the internet.

During that period of time, I need to find out if my client's staff (whose internet access is regulated by IronPort) is actually able to get access to the internet.

Our setup :

S160 IronPort linked to the inside interface of an ASA 5520 Firewall running in transparent mode and with wccp configured on the ASA. Traffic is redirected to the WSA via WCCPv2.

The question is,

1. Will the WCCP or the ASA detect the packets dropped and stop redirecting the traffic and just allow all http requests to the outside interface?

2. Would the question of WCCP/ASA working in fail-open or fail-close apply in this situation?

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Re: Regarding WCCPv2, locked up Ironport and ASA

I didn't see a way to set a "fail closed" when the ASA can't hand-off WCCP to the WSA.  You could use the firewall's built-in ACLs to manage this though.

On the ASA: have an ACL that allows only the WSAs to the internet, denying the client/end-user subnets.