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S170 not abiding by overall bandwidth limit

I'd like a way to limit the amount of bandwidth used for web traffic but it does not seem to be working.  In the S170 I went to Web Security Manager > Overall Bandwidth Limits and changed none to 48 Mbps and I did commit the change.  I went over to and I still got from 51 to 56 Mbps down.


I just want to keep a little buffer for things like vendor VPN traffic.  I downloaded a Windows 10 preview iso and during the download (around 4.9 MBps) there were a lot of reports of slow internet.  I want to make sure if I download an iso or some big patch from fast sources like Microsoft, it does not bring the company internet access to a crawl.

Tom Foucha
Cisco Employee

Bandwidth control currently only applies to Media categories. You set the box to 48Mbps however you then need to configure a policy with the Media category to take advantage of it.

Can I globally change this?  I went to the very bottom Global Policies, expande Media and there 9 block, 68 monitor.  I'd rather not have to click on all 77 items to set a bandwidth side.


I'm not sure who to contact, but an overall bandwidth limit, throttling, etc... per user would be a great feature in a future release.  The advantage this would have over an edge router or load balance is the ability to track the individual user access.  So if User A is signed onto two machines, and they are assigned 25mbps, they won't consume 50mbps because the user itself is assigned 25, so if they do a full speed download on two machines they would get at most 12.5 mbps on both machines, until one download finished, then the other machine could ramp up to 25 mbps.

Or maybe access groups could be defined burstable QoS.  Maybe if your in IT group, your download up to 50MB would be guaranteed 50% but could potentially hit 95% if the bandwidth is available.  Then after 50MB you would be guaranteed 25% and could only reach up to 50% of the pipe's bandwidth if it is even available.  This could help network load during large downloads.  I myself brought the network to a crawl downloading the latest Windows 10 insider preview iso from Microsoft.  Microsofts servers are wicked fast!

Then of course lower end users would be given lower access.  Or maybe certain websites or website categories could be prioritized over others.  There's a whole world of possibilities here.  I would love if someone from Cisco could take this post and run with it.

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