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Icons in Participants windows

Hi all.   Something I thought would be easy to find but I"m running into a wall.


The Participants window has our names and a host of icons & symbols.   Just looking for a page that lists the symbols and what they mean.   Am I missing an FAQ on the cisco site??




- John Mc

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Thanks everyone

I had put in a help ticket where support answered direct questions, but there is no 'reference' page with such info on it.   Oh well - perhaps I am old fashioned.  :)

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Thanks everyone

I had put in a help ticket where support answered direct questions, but there is no 'reference' page with such info on it.   Oh well - perhaps I am old fashioned.  :)

Your posting (and our dialogue) made me think about that whole "icon-thing..". 
Now I ask myself: Who needs those communication-icons? Who cares, how someone connected to the meeting?

Maybe less is more... are you listening, Cisco?

I care and I would like to know. Symbols are meant to mean things and I just want to know the meanings of the webex icons.

Sorry nykoal.west, that comment was meant for Fritz

Who cares, you asked? I care and can't understand why inquiring is receiving such resistance. With 50+ class sizes and Breakouts with activities, knowing how someone's connected their audio impacts their ability to communicate with others in their Breakout.  

We're not asking for a users manual BUT rather the explanation of each icon.  Someone created the icons for a reason and all we're asking is to be provided a "key" as to what each represents.  Rather than resist our inquiry, how about asking the people that created the icons what their meaning is. SO I CARE!  

I guess we do have a misunderstanding here.
I was not questioning your interest in a user-manual (?).
Even more: I agree, that Cisco may put some more effort in it´s Webex-documentation.
Just recently there was a posting regarding an app-option that is hard to understand.

My "who cares" refers to the zero usefulness of this icon:
"John doe-Audio is connected via computer/tablet/phone." ok..  and.. now?

This information does not help to fix any issue or improve the meeting-experience.

The icon just clutters the user interface.
(BTW: afaik no such icon in MS-Teams or zoom)

But I have to admit that I noticed that for some reason (US-) webex-users still seem to use "phone.calls" to join a web-conference..
perhaps a cultural difference between Europe (me) and the USA?

It may help identify what audio source the user has if there are quality issues.

Thanks for your answer but again: who cares?
If this icon is only needed "in case of possible audio issues" ? So why display it always
Just hide it somewhere since its not essentially necessary to have a webex-meeting.

Where do you store your spare-tire? right beside you on the passengers seat?
and the tools to replace a tire? and the life-vest in a plane...?
(I guess you unterstand what I am trying to say: it´s there, but out of sight)

1. sometimes less is more
2. usability says: "don´t make me think".  (useless icons make me think)

Cisco, please get some usability-experts to check your (user-oriented) Software!

We are using webex meetings.   My interface question is on a PC through the app


I've visited the sites you linked to before I asked the question - none of them answers the question. They list procedures, and I'm looking for, essentially, a reference guide.


I'm just looking for a list of icons and what they mean.   what's the difference between the phone icon and headset icon?   what does the computer monitor icon mean and why doesn't everyone have that if i'm on a computer?  what about the square icon - does that mean a phone?     What does the microphone icon mean - that audio is through webex or any computer input device?


I was hoping for a plain old table of symbols and what they mean. 


I don´t know how to express my answer in a politically correct way, so I just say it:
I think your approach is outdated/old school.


I am almost 50 years old, but I got used to the fact that software is not shipped with a (printed) manual any more.
I don´t miss it, since I would not have read it anyway...

Modern Software tries (or at least should try) to be intuitively easy to understand due to big advances in usability-research.

Of course, not every software-developer is equally gifted in designing intuitively understandable icons etc.

but pop-up infos are at least some help..

Because of them I think that the headset-icon indicates that audio is transmitted via your internet-connection while a phone-icon means exactly that: a phone (landline or cellphone) = your audio is transported using another medium/carrier/technology..

computer icon ? square-icon?

well, since "a picture is worth a thousand words": how about a screenshot?



I am indeed older than you.   :)    And understand people don't do manuals any more, but some documentation is helpful.   The company coded and placed these icons on the screen - knowing what they stand for should not be a stretch ask.   Both you and I can make a guess, but we shouldn't have to.  


Two screenshots attached.   Hovering is only partially useful.   For example, the headphone icon hover-over says "voice conference" - another phrase that really holds no meaning.


Even if we "should not have to guess": allow me to offer you my guesswork:
What do you think?
Does this meet your observations during that meeting?

kind regards

I have been looking all over the web for the simple information conveyed in JohnMcLachlan's post.   I now know what the phone, headset, and rectangle (AKA tablet, I now know) mean. What does it mean when a participant has NO ICON in this position.   like the bottom-most person in this attachment.


Thanks to John @John  for answering a simple question (that Webex should actually have answered) in a clear way.

No Icon means they are not connected with audio to the meeting/event. So no icon = no audio (for that participate).  I do this in some of my testing where my fake "me" joins from a VM and I am testing something that doesn't need audio.  I have also seen it where someone joins the meeting via their computer but has audio issue so they disconnect audio and call in but don't enter an attendee ID number.  So then you see the no icon/no audio attendee and a separate call-in attendee in the participant panel.

Thanks, Derek

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