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Integration of Cisco on premises video conference with MS Team


Dear All,


Thanks in advance and hope all are staying safe and healthy.


I need a help to understand and confirm, if at all is there any solution for integrating Cisco's on premises VC equipment/infrastructure ( Tele Presence and MCU not Webex ) with Microsoft Team.

I'm working for a ongoing solution deal and customer is asking such integration but I'm not sure if this can be done, didn't find anything on internet or cisco website also.


I found a solution from MS Team, cloud video interop to integrate with other OEM eg. Polycome, Pixip & Bluejeans can be done with MS Team, but Cisco VC are not there.


Please help and suggest.


Thanks & Regards




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Hi All


I have a smilar case on this deployment, I just want to know that  how can CUCM registered endpoint can dial MS teams. How can we integrate CUCM registered endpoint with MS teams ? Is there any public deocument available ?

I can found only cloud registered  deployment guide which is related webex  services.



As Microsoft Teams does not use SIP for their meeting services there isn’t anything as such to dial. To have something dialable you need to have a CVI service added on top of your Teams service. Natively Teams uses WebRTC for its meeting service, with the newer models of Cisco video equipment you can use that protocol to connect the device to the meeting, however there are some caveats and limitations with this. All this is well documented and is not limited to pure cloud registration. It works for cloud aware on-prem registered devices as well. 

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Thanks for your information Roger but actualy I dont catch your point properly.


I just want to know that how can i join MS teams meeting via  CUCM registered endpoint that Im not asking cloud registered devices. (on SX10,SX20, webex roomkit series)   we would like to join MS teams meeting using cisco video endpoint that is registered cucm.


I could not  find any document for on-prem deployment.








Hi KacyHicks21882


I have read this post my requirement is coming with option b but i can see that MS teams does not provide sip addres for  dial-in option so i can not find  anything else about it. Im not looing for cloud aware solution on that point.



As mentioned earlier you’ll need to add a Cloud Video Interop (CVI) service to your Microsoft tenant as there is no native support for SIP in the Microsoft platform. There are multiple vendors that provides this type of service. Google CVI and Teams and I’m sure you’ll find what you need.

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H Roger , I understand that now, If we register device on cisco cloud what should we do for cvi integration I mean  where should i configure ms teams sip uri domain on cisco cloud ?

I'm confuse that point.


You don't need to register any devices to the cloud for this. Please read the documentation on this topic, it is very well outlined in it. For your ease I looked up the document and linked to it.

Deploy the Webex video integration for Microsoft Teams 

To be clear this is Cisco's variant for CVI, as mentioned earlier there are multiple others, like Pexip. It's up to you do decide what CVI option fits your needs the best.

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Hi Roger


I read document but it says that I need to linked device cloud or registerif we choise cisco for cvio provider.

(Its mentioned that we should have active webex organization required) Its also described in requirement table section 4 that mean we should register device in cisco cloud or linked keeping on-prem registration.


in cisco cloud; Hybrid MS Teams integration  then it give us another sip domain for ms teams like that is smilar with cisco webex domain. am I right ?







If you read that once more you'll see that the requirement for linking the on-prem devices are for Hybrid Calendar to work so that you can get OBTP join button to show up five minutes before the meeting starts to get an easier and nicer join experience. If you don't want or need that you can forgo that part if you don't want to link your on-prem devices to make them cloud aware.

The domain part is also clearly shown in the document.

Further more you don't need to have an Webex org for this, you can use any of the other CVI ventor options that are available. With a minimum of effort on you end and a browser pointed to a search engine I'm sure that you will find the other options there are for this. You can't expect that the community should do all the work for you, after all we are not paid for doing this and some effort on your part would be expected.

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Hi Roger

Thanks for information, I got my point totaly but i have one last question, for OBTP deployment, I can see that can be possible on exchange as well so in this scnerio should I link or register device cloud for the Hybrid Calendar Services ?

I can see this subject on this documents; Exchange mailbox requirements for OBTP so basickly what i need to do for the OBTP scnerio? If i dont need to register device on the controlhub with civ and OBTP deployment that could be very nice for us.

DO we have two option for OBTP ? hybrid calendar and Exchange ?



Sorry I won't go further on this. You have all information in the document. If you still cannot grasp it please reach out to a reputable Cisco partner for help with this.

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Sorry if I didn’t explain it well enough earlier. There are available documentation for what you ask about and with a little more effort I’m certain that you can find it. I don’t have it readily available at the moment, so I can’t share it with you.

The options there are are these

  • You add a CVI integration for your MS service. This is to get a SIP service that runs on top of your MS Teams meeting service. There are a few different options for this, for example Pexip or Cisco 
  • On the newer models of Cisco equipment, all Room kits and onwards, you can use WebRTP to connect with the MS Teams meeting. For CM registrations this requires that the endpoints are made cloud aware with Webex Edge for devices


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We have SX20/80 on prem and would like to connected them to Teams meetings from other companies. Is this possible if we do not use MS Teams?

Yes if the other companies has a CVI (Cloud Video Interop) service setup on their MS tenant, to get a SIP uri to dial to join the meeting, otherwise no as these two models does not have the capability to do WebRTC.

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So meaning there is no solution for those on-prem video conference devices on cisco?

I am having a few Cisco TelePresence SX20 but looking on the solution else it makes us no choice to switch out from cisco to Microsoft teams supporting device. 

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
The Cisco Video Interop integration with MS Teams (Both CVI and WebRTC) are on the roadmap for later in the year.

I found a video link -

but no other information, can anyone please help me with my following query -


1. The option of MS Team and Cisco Webex integration in the video above, is it readily available now ? Do I need to procure any license to do that ? If yes for license, which license I have to procure.


2. As I said, my customer have the Cisco VC on premises equipment like the following -


Cisco Webex Room Kit
Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus
Cisco TelePresence MX300 G2
Cisco TelePresence DX70
Cisco Telepresence DX80
Cisco TelePresence DX70
Cisco TelePresence SX20
Cisco TelePresence DX70
Cisco TelePresence SX80
Cisco E20


Are the above on premises VC equipment and endpoint can be integrated with MS Team ?


The video you reference is also part of the "Cisco Webex Meetings Integration with Microsoft Teams" page at <>.  That page shows you how to install/configure/use the extension/bot into MS Teams.


Note the other replies are related to a different way to integrate Webex/MS Teams which is coming later this year.

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