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Make the Move to Modern messaging.

Announcing a free upgrade program for Jabber with Webex Messenger instant messaging (IM) and Jabber Team Messaging Mode.


Jabber Webex Messenger IM and Jabber Team Messaging Mode are both being retired on March 31, 2021, and all customers will be updating to our Webex Teams App. Work with your Cisco team to plan for this update. We have extended the retirement date for Jabber with Webex Messenger and Jabber Teams Message Mode until March 31, 2021. This gives you and your customers an additional three months* to transition to the Webex Teams app. 

Webex Teams utilizes the same UCM-based calling and Webex Meetings based meeting services provided in Jabber Messenger, providing a familiar app design and user experience. This also ensures your users can transition smoothly utilizing the infrastructure, configuration, and investment you already have in place. 

If you’re using Jabber Team Messaging Mode, you’ve already updated to our Webex team messaging service and you’ll have until the end of the year to update to the Webex Teams app where you can get the full set of messaging features available on that service. You’ll also be able to continue to use the UCM calling and Webex Meeting services you already have in place. 


Finding out more and getting in touch 

We’ve set up a dedicated site to provide everything you’ll need to make the move to modern messaging and fully leverage the other Webex experiences that support your new way of working. Our update program team has provided guidance on licensing, technical readiness, user adoption, and much more. We’re here to help.

Read the detailed blog here:

Have specific questions?

  • Ask your questions right here in our community! We’re here to help! We have Cisco TMEs and Cisco adoption specialists monitoring this post to make sure you get everything you need.
  • Take an online class (we set up sessions for org admins & for end-users)

Read all the details on the Update Program –


Note: All other modes of Jabber continue to be fully supported and are not part of this upgrade program. We recommend using Jabber and UCM when you need Calling, Messaging, or both on-premise.  


Our customers using Jabber with UCM IM/P for messaging, Jabber Phone Mode, or any of our Webex apps won’t experience any change.

The previous retirement date was December 18, 2020.



Hi Molly,
Can you give me more detail on the XMPP federation in Messenger vs Teams?

Hi Sarah! Thanks for being #first! ⭐️

Our update program page and technical blueprint document steps through all the considerations for this update


Specifically XMPP information can be found here:

And here is a deep dive for the deployment:


Please let us know if you need more help!


Will my organization be losing any call features?

Hi Brillro! Thanks for reaching out!


The Teams app has most call features today and the team is adding more with every single release. 


If you have a set of Jabber users who need the limited number of advanced calling features not yet available in Webex Teams (like multiline and Contact Center features), those users can be configured to stay on Jabber Phone mode or can launch it from Webex Teams when they need to. This way the majority of your users will be on Teams, and when the advanced calling features are in Teams you can move that subset of users.


To read more - we have details from our program landing page and the technical blueprint and if these documents don't give you all the information you ever wanted to know (but were to shy to ask) - you can contact our Update Advisors who can guide you for your specific needs. (And of course your Cisco Account Team is probably most suited to already know your infrastructure, your business needs and goals.)

Hi Molly,
Thanks for the response! That was really helpful. I do have 2 more questions.
Do you know when we will expect the same level of call features in Teams?
And, not sure if you are the right person to answer this, but what changes does my organization need to make to our licenses?

Hi Brillro! 


Your account team is the best first place to start for how to make sure your current agreement allows you to update to Teams. 


Multi-line and basic contact center features will be available in the Sept/ Oct timeframe.

Most advanced contact center features will be available by end of CY, some lesser used in Q1 2021.

Hi There,


is there any consideration being given to hybrid presence in teams, this is one of the biggest misses in teams and i'd have fully moved our team over already if not for this, we currently have a hybrid solution, cloud jabber for IM and onprem CUCM/IM&P for calling and presence, we currently have our jabber working with teams interop/messaging, and with this we retain full presence indications including microsoft calendar tie in etc and the teams messaging functionality is a big improvement. Though when using the full teams app the onprem calling still works fine, but none of the presence functionality works.


so are there plans to bring this presence functionality over to the "Unified App"




Hi Phil, 

Webex Teams (the Unified App) today support a wide range of presence states. Activity status as well as last active X time ago are states you are familiar with. Webex Teams also supports a range of other activity statuses, including 

on a call

in a meeting


in a calendar meeting

Out Of Office


For example, on a call status is based on the same model as Jabber, once Webex Teams receives an Off Hook event from CUCM, it will publish "on a call" status to the Webex presence service





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