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Cisco Employee

Org Admin recommended configurations

Have you implemented all of the Webex recommended essential configurations in your org? 


The configs I'm asking about are:

Phase one:

  • Verify Domain
  • Claim Users
  • Claim Domain
  • Site linking


Phase two:

  • DirSync
  • SSO
  • Calendar features


If you did all of them: What benefits do you get from enabling these items? How did you measure success of enabling them?


If you didn't, why?

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Cisco Employee

Done step by step as recommended 



we had implemented all of the both phases.

  1. DirSync is very helpful for easy admin of users
  2. SSO is helpful for users to login to the webex and very important for our security team.
  3. Calendar features help users to create and manage meetings and no one is late



I implemented all but DirSync and SSO. Our data security and protection department did not allow me to do that. It's a German thing...

Cisco Employee

Great topic and am enjoying the responses!


I was wondering if anyone relied on any admin documentation on or other materials to implement these recommended configurations.


If yes to using docs, what was your experience? Positive, negative, or neutral? Any suggestions?


If no to using docs, why?


Thanks in advance!

We have done all 7 steps and forgot the docs we may have used as we did this (completed the steps) over 2 years ago and there wasn't much out there.  I think there was like one page on on verifying and claiming a domain.  If memory is correct the Jeff Hubbard led Control Hub courses came about the time we finished.  (It took us over 6 months - stated Jan 2019 - to claim our domain as the process of kidnapping the couple of dozen consumer accounts we had using our domain but CH errored out on wasn't fully established yet.  I hear that has gotten much better since our experience.)

Opps, we did 6 steps.  We didn't have to site link as we started straight off as a Control Hub site.


I'm not our site admin, but as a user, it looks like we have them all enabled. Since Webex is my daily softphone, I appreciate the SSO.


Not yet done, because I need to attend the training first.


Yes, benefits of ease of use on the app specifically on the SSO and benefited on the scheduling and creating meeting with the hybrid calendar service. Seamless use of the service.

Cisco Employee

As part of a team that does Webex POCs (proof of concepts) for Cisco Customers and Partners around the world, we always advise our teams to "Verify their Domain" so that users can be claimed when required. While we are in the POC phase we do not "Claim the Domain"; however, we strongly advise customers to do this once they have a paid subscription applied to the org. 

Likewise we try to have customers turn up SSO, for simple user authentication, Calendar Connector, and Directory Sync as well. If these services are part of the overall POC scope, we ensure that they are functional before adding trial participants to the org. This ensures that the users will have the best experience possible with Webex as soon as they launch the app.


Completed both phases. Unified access with SSO and most specially the one button to join with hybrid calendar

Peter Anders

I have completed all of the highlighted aspects except for the SSO implementation ( awaiting new domain launch).


All of the integrations completed successfully, and they are very easy to follow the actual guides 

Erik Thiele

We have done the following:

  • Verify Domain
  • Claim Users
  • Site linking
  • SSO
  • Calendar features

SSO has been a mandatory requirement for us for the rollout in the company.


The location link is a good way to have better manageability with more than 100 devices.


The calendar integration has been rolled out from day one. Via the calendar and the OBTP function we were able to provide a very easy access to the meetings for the users.


The users are synced to the cloud and get the licenses assigned automatically. No further steps are therefore necessary.



I didn’t implement them yet since I don’t have access to a org control hub, but I plan to implement them as they make sense and are recommended as best practices 

Cisco Employee

I ensure all my customers complete both phase I and II

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