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Webex Camera view is too small


We've been struggling since the last Webex update to figure out how to make the image of our webcam video larger on the screen. It used to be able to go full screen and now is just a tiny postage stamp. We plug in a camera and have to show things on our whiteboards as well as around the room to our meeting attendees online. I can't even aim the camera correctly anymore because the on-screen video is now so tiny. Surely, there must be a way to increase the size so you can actually see what the camera is aimed at?

Thanks for any help!


That's weird.  Not sure why it changed my message to say **bleep** when I didn't curse.  I purposely used a word that would imply anger but wasn't a curse word.

You keep referring to a scenario where each person is looking at their laptop camera and logged into Webex individually.  That's what all of society is doing nowadays but back before Covid-19, we had 20 people sitting in a meeting room along with 20 people on the phone in various locations.  That's why you need a camera to pan around the room, especially when one of them goes up to a whiteboard and starts pointing at or writing on it.  Corporate meeting environment.  They don't exist nowadays and I don't care anymore.

Anyhow, the point of this thread was to get the thumbnail size increased by Cisco back to the way it used to be.  It didn't work.  End of story and we all move on.


regarding your issue: I actually did understand your use-case; I just wanted to explain why I see it as non-standard.

And I suggested a simple work-around: join your own meeting to get a big view of your Camera-Image.
I know - this is just the 2nd best solution - but if it helps to improve the situation as a temporary work-around: why not?

kind regards


No 2nd-laptop.  No room at the table for another laptop and now, no meeting room or people at the table due to Covid quarantine.  But thank you for the suggestion.


 I was thinking the same thing as Fritz.  It's a work-around that kind of 'tricks' Webex to do what you want.  But sadly, it didn't work. Whatever computer you use makes your self-view small.  Even just as a participant.  I didn't realize that.  So this work-around doesn't work, unless I'm missing something.


I'm a teacher, and we were told to use Webex.  Problem is, when I'm teaching, I need to be able to see myself the same size as my students, not in a teeny tiny window, as Webex seems to have designed their interface. (That interface is probably fine for standard work meetings, or teaching via a lecture, but it doesn't work for teaching little kids --- you need to be able to see yourself and see the things you're sharing with your students).

I saw that there are ways to make a floating box for your self-view, but this blocks some of the other participants. So that doesn't really work.  What I really need to be able to do is put myself in the grid along with my students. Otherwise, I can't see how I'd be able to use Webex effectively with my students.


I spent HOURS searching online to see if anyone else had this issue.  I finally stumbled on this thread and see that I'm not alone with my frustration with Webex.  We simply need to be able to put the self-view in the grid along with the rest of the participants.  NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, I'm sure!!


CISCO, I imagine it would be better for YOU if you FIXED this.  It's useless to have that tiny self-view.  It's not something anyone needs, as far as I can see. And I imagine people would easily choose Zoom or another app over Webex for that reason.  I imagine you would rather GAIN users than LOSE them?


I had just been speaking with a colleague about this. Anyone who is presenting, or sharing something with a client will also understand, being able to check in on your visual, that your framed well, will understand that you look at that image. Every other solution I use right now, Zoom, Teams, all have your image as one of the images, the same size. Which is very useful. 


Just wanted to call out that it isn't just the "non standard use case" Which I also do not believe is very non standard within small and midsized companies. This is such a odd thing to limit, even if they let us adjust the size of the pop out, then we would have some window arrangement options. 


Not sure if anyone from Webex/Cisco is still following, but add another to the list who would like to see this improved. 






Rising star

If I understand this correctly, you would like to see your self-view in full screen so that you are sure what you are showing to the other side.
When the meeting starts go to the top middle of the screen and press the pin button, then just select to pin your own video. Done. Bonus, you can pin it for everyone if you are the host.
Note that this is available only when using the desktop app - gives you all the features ;)

Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 23.51.17.png


yes, that pin used to be there and work fine for us.  That's how this thread started.  They took that pin option away from the latest version Version for windows.  My screen doesn't look anything like yours, so not sure which version you're running.


39.5 is a lockdown version. This means that your IT team has chosen to have your Webex site locked to an older version and to receive updates less frequent. The current Webex version is 40.2 and this is what I'm using. Please check with your IT team or your Cisco partner to get you off of that lockdown version so you can get all the new and exciting features.


Interesting.  I did not know.  Thanks for the info.  I don't see them changing anything right now as they want more people using Zoom instead.


Just as a preface to my reply, I seem to have the latest version.  I guess what I need is a little different than everyone else on this thread?  I want the self-view to be the same size as the other participants in the grid (as Zoom does).  I don't need to see myself larger than everyone.  I just need to be the same size.  I'm an elementary school teacher, and I want my image to be the same size as my students.  I don't want to use the floating self-view because then I'm blocking some of the other images.  So as far as I can figure, Webex doesn't do what I'd need it to do?


I just want to be able to see myself so if I have something on my face or there is something in my screen in the background that I wouldn't like to be seen, I can easily notice it. The tiny screen that my face is on is not effective. Is there a way I can expand my view of myself? Note that I am never the meeting host.


I have exactly the same question. Webex is useless to me if there's no way
to make myself larger so I can see myself the same size as the rest of the

Totally agree the self view should be allowed to be expanded either to grid size or full size and fit within the grid of users.  I find it difficult on video meetings view all the participants in a grid and also view the shared content, easily.  Either the grid view is integrated in the desktop app and I have to go to this when there is shared content (no grid view of users then) or the windows are floating around and it is difficult to control where all the panels are.  Control over the self view though is the main feature the needs improvement and seems fairly easy enough, as other video applications have this feature.  The other day the window actually got smaller for me.  I had to toggle self view on and off to correct back to standard small window!  The idea of using a second phone could potentially work for the gridview issue because I would then have to "host" from my cell, no video and then join on desktop with and be part of the grid of users.  There will be a square with my phone call and no video but at least I could see myself in the grid.  Will keep watching blog for a real solution. 


Yes, It shouldn't be that hard... Webex needs to enable the ability to resize that small selfview to the user preference and that's it.

The small self view is super annoying for folks that like self awareness...

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