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Webex Teams: feedback and suggestions

Rising star
Rising star

Although this forum seems to be pretty much dead, I will post my feedback and suggestions to Webex Teams here:


first: I am just a private person using a free Webex-Account; no Exchange-Server, no Outlook, no Office365 available.

* the german interface of the Teams-Client is translated incompletely resulting in an ugly language mix.

* this is annoying since there is no option to change the interface-language (compare to zoom-Client..)

* often the german text is too long to fit into the text-boxes = confusing: what does that mean?

* while the Meetings-Client offers to schedule meetings by opening my webex-Account in a webbrowser, the Teams client does NOT offer this - the button simply does nothing.

* the Meetings (stored in the webex-Calendar) shown on my webex-Account-Webpage are not shown in Teams. illogical.

* the differentiation between Teams and Spaces is confusing; even more since they both have the same default-Icon.

* still no option to assign color-tags to teams or spaces

* The very same PhoneNumber is listet as "toll free" in the Teams-Client but as "toll" on my webex-Account-WebPage.

* I set to show the Austrian PhoneNumber in my webex-invitations. But instead the british Number is shown in invitations ?!?

* The Android-App allows me to connect Webex/Webex Teams with my standard Google-Account/-Calendar. The Windows-Clients do not - they require me to have a G-Suite Business-Account !?!?

* The Teams-Client on Android has a bug in the Calendar-View: Touch-event is recorded at wrong screen location.

* Teams Client on Android: issue when screen is rotated: "do not disturb"-options get lost

* Teams Client on Windows: When typing a message, you can not scroll through the message-history above; you have to click into the history-panel first, then click into the message-area to continue typing.. very annoying.

* my invitees can not join via webbrowser: they are forced to log on with a cisco account. (or download the webex-Software) Did no find a solution in the "Site-Settings"... (no such issue with zoom or even the old Skype...)


Attached you find some screenshots.


thanks for reading.


kind regards


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If Webex continued to be a good product (it was great when it started out is what I hear) and not become complacent, we would not have a company called Zoom today. And Zoom (and others) are the *only* reason, Webex is even churning out new features.

Now coming to Webex teams, it looks like it is a result of a poorly executed, speedy plan by the vision-lacking gentlemen at Webex to compete with products like MS Teams. Webex teams = Skype + Slack. That is my take on Webex teams - they basically tried to produce something by combining apples and oranges, which obviously ended in disaster.

More than anything, it is 2022 and this thing is so buggy ("Leaving" a Team opens a new page on the browser.. I mean this is 2022!!!) and has a crappy user experience (lack of quality UX talent at the helm?) that it looks to me like its from 2010s.

This thread is from a gentleman who took the time to give feedback and yet there are no replies on this whatsoever from anybody in the last 2 years which indicates two things - 1) The webex team is immune to feedback. 2) Not many people use Webex. Stay away from webex!

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