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Webex Calling & 1100 ISR

Has anyone been able to configure webex calling using a Cisco 1100 ISR as a Local Gateway? specifically ISR 1121



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Nithin Eluvathingal
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VIP Mentor


 What trouble are you facing ? 

When using Cisco 1100 make sure you are on  IOS-XE 16.12.2 or later. 



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Vaijanath Sonvane
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VIP Advocate

Hi @Carlos Melo Romero,

I do not have ISR 1100 Series CUBE router but I have been using ISR 4351 as local gateway in my lab environment and it is working fine. Below is my setup:


Verizon Network <--SIP Trunk--> Cisco 29XX <--SIP Trunk--> CUCM <--SIP Trunk--> Cisco 4351 <--SIP Trunk--> Webex Calling


I have followed below resources to configure Local Gateway and CUCM:

  1. Cisco Webex Enablement Lab v6 on dCloud (to configure Local Gateway) 


2. YouTube video


3. Configure Unified CM for Webex Calling


I hope this is helpful.



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Thanks, Vaijanath S.

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VIP Advisor

I've been using a vCUBE up to now and it was working fine..
At wich point are you struggling?

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