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SNMP support going away


Managing some devices this morning and saw this in the alerts.


Snmp Availability
Support for SNMP is scheduled to be removed in a future release. Turn off SNMP to remove this message.


This is a huge bummer. What is the best way to get feedback to Cisco that this makes monitoring availability of our devices centrally, with all of our other devices, a real pain?

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Vaijanath Sonvane
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VIP Advocate

Hi @WiFiDavid,

Can you please provide supporting documentation where it is mentioned that the SNMP support will be removed?



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Thanks, Vaijanath S.

Apparently Cisco's changed their mind:

NOTE: We previously announced that SNMP would be removed from RoomOS 11. RoomOS 11 will continue to support basic SNMP as before until further notice.

I was researching the same question and found both your post and this information.

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Hi @Vaijanath Sonvane , 


This is appearing in the 'Issues and Diagnostics' tab on Webex Room devices, I have also had confirmation from my Cisco Account Team but no date has yet been advised. 

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