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I am a teacher and often post certain directions to the chat so that late comers know what we are doing. All the other chat submissions bump my directions up the chat. I'd like to be able to pin certain things to the bottom of the chat, so that they ...

srubin by Level 1
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Hi,  we are using the Education Connector in Moodle. Currently, all recordings conducted in the cloud will appear under the Recordings tab in the Webex activity. We only use the Webex Cloud for recording but share the videos via our own video platfor...

philpav by Level 1
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Using Education Connector on our LMS (D2L) when you schedule a meeting the default setting is that 'Guests can join directly'. I'd like to see this changed to 'Guests wait in the lobby until the host admits them'. For any student using the mobile or ...

Using Education Connector on our LMS (D2L) if you delete a series that has already had a meeting(s) that have run it removes all previous meeting(s) in that series from the Past Meetings tab so a lecturer loses any attendance record for those meeting...