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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Teacher Appreciation Week Contest!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all our educators out there! You have been rocking the virtual classroom and finding creative ways to stay connected with your students, and we want to say thank you.

Share your top tips for mastering remote education with Webex and be entered to win some FREE Webex swag. The 10 replies with the most Helpful votes win.


Make sure your reply is to this thread, and don't forget to vote for your fellow educators' tips by clicking the Helpful button below their reply!

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This public community board is a new place for you to converse with your fellow educators, share best practices, and build your Webex knowledge!

A few items that may be prizes:

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This contest is open until Thursday, May 14th!

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I am the Train the Teacher for our School District so my hints are geared for the support of teachers, parents and students in Webex.  In order to provide resources for the teachers 24/7/365, I have created a Webex Resource page on my Telecomm Support website.  On it we have posted custom documents for our teachers and staff, a short video with information for teachers on class management as well as links to resources on the web from Cisco.  It is posted on a District Intranet page so I'm pasting a copy of it here for you to see.  

Screenshot 2020-05-15 14.03.07.pngIn addition to these resources, I coordinated interactive sessions with several of the schools technology support staff and they invited staff to join.  I would do a very brief overview and then just do a Q and A demo of the app so they could practice in a safe environment.


I also made myself available to teachers to send me a chat or email if they were in a meeting and had a question.  I would pop into their meeting, help them with their question and then drop out again.  The training video I did for class management was built from the questions I received during these support sessions.


As a back story, we are a new customer of Cisco and had just finished our last scheduled training for Webex on March 12 and then heard the next day that school was suspended for at least 2 weeks.  Timing couldn't have been better for our deployment but turn out had been very low for our trainings so we had a lot of catchup to do once teachers started back the first week of April.


Synchronous Webex sessions are great, but can be challenging, especially for those of us in Higher Education. Our students are working additional hours and have internet challenges. The recording feature of Webex sessions (whether Teams, Meetings, Training or Events) is invaluable. Especially the recordings that include automatic transcription feature! (This has been so helpful for our students with disabilities.) Our instructors are sure to gain all students' consent before hitting record and reinforce this after hitting record. Being able to return to recordings for material, especially for students with different learning styles, provides a critical reinforcement of the material. When a meeting is scheduled within our LMS, those recordings are connected to the course, making access simple. And as needed, we can upload our Webex recordings directly to VBrick/Rev in order to preserve our personal storage limit. 

Agreed, I record every lecture and skill demonstration so that students who are unable to attend the session live have a recording they can watch.

This is a really important issue, Kirsten. Synchronous sessions are more challenging for some students for a lot of reasons. There may be an equity issue. But, as we see from all the lawsuits filed against universities across the country, some students are unsatisfied with recordings and asynchronous chats. Ideally we will use synchronous sessions for things that really need it (like authentic discussion) and asynchronous recordings for other things (like lectures).


Another useful tip that others have shared is that the transcripts are searchable. If someone wants to recall a particular point of the conversation they can search for a term or phrase to 'jump' to that portion of the recording. It is super useful when trying to fill in gaps, review key concepts, or save time. Hosts are able to edit the text if the transcription is incorrectly spelled too. Users are able to search and view only.


Here's the guide:

Suzanne Phillips
Cisco Employee

Thank you to everyone who shared their best practices! Care to share more?

TechValidate is conducting a survey to compile some higher ed best practices for Webex and we need your help! Please take this short TechValidate questionnaire, and you’ll be entered into a $500 giveaway! We appreciate your support.

Survey Link:

We’ll be sure to share results back here too, so we can continue to learn from each other.


Thank you!

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yeh its very informative article that you shared it will guide us a lot in our learning process in these days of lockdown i am also affected from the lockdown and needed this type of guidance thanku sir for sharing this informative article

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