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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Teacher Appreciation Week Contest!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all our educators out there! You have been rocking the virtual classroom and finding creative ways to stay connected with your students, and we want to say thank you.

Share your top tips for mastering remote education with Webex and be entered to win some FREE Webex swag. The 10 replies with the most Helpful votes win.


Make sure your reply is to this thread, and don't forget to vote for your fellow educators' tips by clicking the Helpful button below their reply!

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This public community board is a new place for you to converse with your fellow educators, share best practices, and build your Webex knowledge!

A few items that may be prizes:

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This contest is open until Thursday, May 14th!

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Always make certain to address all participants throughout the training whenever possible.  Just like an in-person training you need to keep them engaged.  Sometimes you can find that you have to flip that and have more control over keeping people quiet as not to disturb the rest.  This is where Mute All and Hand Raises can really come in handy. 

Great tips!


My students LOVE the chat window. Many of them lack the robust internet necessary for video, but they can easily participate via chat. I even had one student this semester who NEVER spoke when we were face-to-face, but in the WebEx session, he asked questions, and actually cracked a joke or two.

When the questions/comments came too fast, I would cal a "time out" to read what had been written. It's a great channel for dialogue.

At the educational institutions we support, we integrated webex meetings and teams into their LMS systems (primarly MOODLE). This way students could access MOODLE and, from there, jump into meetings and spaces. Lessons recordings are automatically shared within MOODLE to help students who cannot attend live. Faculty staffs are remotely meeting using webex as well. Among the many appreciated webex features, students really like annotating at the same time using whiteboarding.

Our LMS is Canvas. It would be great to know if the same is possible.




If your institution uses Moodle, Blackboard, Sakai, Canvas, or D2L, you can integrate Webex into your Learning Management System (LMS).


You can find information on LMS integrations here under the Webex for Education IT Admins section:


It will link you to a few other sites including this one:





Absolutely, our campus uses Canvas as well and our instructors use the Education Connector with in their courses.


Hello, I am an Eye Level Instructor at Eye Level Bolingbrook West. We are into Week 9 of our remote learning with my students. **Every student is given a one on one instruction as opposed to group lessons and the "LOBBY" Feature, helps me let in one student at a time. Every student has a designated class time and if they login in before their allocated time, they wait in the lobby until I let them in and this helps me run the class in a regulated manner. 

**"WHITE BOARD" feature helps me to work out the problems step by step. and students can also "ANNOTATE" their steps and answers to me. 

**The "VIDEO" feature creates the atmosphere just like a classroom where I will be able to see the student reaction and proceed with my lesson plan accordingly.

** We do turn of the video and continue using all other features when there is internet connectivity issues. 

** I also use "SCREEN SHARING" feature to share my notes and critical thinking problems with the student.

Overall, it has been very user friendly and has been easy to conduct classes more efficiently. 



It sounds like you have mastered scheduling one-on-ones with your students! Thank you for sharing your tips! :)

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Share your iPad and take your Whiteboarding to the next level! If you have a Mac just click the share button and scroll down to see “iPad and iPhone” sharing. Pro tip for people who need to show cool stuff you can share your iPhone camera and viola!!!! Mobile camera. 

Do quizzes on the fly with the polling feature or share a Kahoot quiz!

Very cool! Which type of polling do you find yourself utilizing more, the Webex feature or Kahoot?

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I do both of those and I use survey monkey as well.

I do both of those and I use survey monkey as well.

While I like the Polling feature of Webex for its simplicity and spontaneity, we also like external polling. In particular, Poll Everywhere has a fantastic array of poll types (word cloud, hot spots, ect) and the ability to be embedded within a PowerPoint or Google Slides. Also, other services have enhanced analytics that can be really useful.

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