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language in meetingroom changed after update

Hello there,


our WebEx Meeting Client automatically updated yesterday to Version 40.6.3 from on Windows 10 Clients.

After that, the language settings seems to be buggy:


If we start a meeting with the WebEx Meetings Client, the language of the meetingroom is now english, not german

personal room.PNG


  The Client himself is still in german or kinda half german/half english. So if i open the WebEx Meetings Client via double click, i still got the german buttons "Meeting starten" "Ansetzen" and the settings in german. If i right click the Webex Meetings Client-Symbol in the systray, i get settings and all options in english language.

webex client.pngsystray options.png



I'm kinda confused. There is also no option to change the language in the client.


Also if i start my personal room meeting from the website, my room is still in german. I also checked our Site-Options from the company and all is set to german language.


Do anyone has an idea what i can do? Is there a bug in the new updated version of the webex meetings client? Or can i adjust language settings somewhere else?


Thanks in adivce








Thanks for your posting.
I already opened two (3?) cases myself, reporting language-issues to Cisco.
Although the TAC-People did their best, I still think, Cisco does not really care about people with other languages than english.

Fact is:

it´s pretty lame that a global enterprise, the market-leader fails to propery translate their products to other languages.
(not to mention the robot-translations on Cisco-webpages... sometimes the german translation is awful nonsense and screenshots are all in english only)

"Modern View - Event Invite Customization Enhancements"  = "Verbesserungen in der modernen Sicht: einladen von Anpassungen"  ??
"Raise Hand Feature Changed from Pressing *9 to *3"  =  "Von der Druckfunktion * 9 auf * 3 geändert"  ??
"Audio prompts"  =  "Audioaufforts " ??
"The following email templates will include this change:" = "Die folgenden E-Mail-Vorlagen enthalten folgende Vorlagen:??

- There is no option to switch the language after installation or at least during installation.
- The installer of Teams does not recognize "German-Austria" as "german" and installs the Software in English.
- I explained very detailed to the TAC how the german grammar affects the GUI of Teams and makes some interface-elements hard to understand since essential text-parts are cut off so the verb is missing. The final answer was close to "we don´t care".

- The Calendar-View of the Android-App still does not properly show the date:
Weekday and Month are finally displayed in german, but the date-format is still wrong:
"Mittwoch 6/17"  instead of "Mittwoch 17.6."  (day view)
"Mittwoch, Juni 17, 2020"  instead of correctly "Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2020"  (month view)

Cisco, you are going to lose the european market if you fail the same way in other european languages as you do in german.

to forum:
Please do not suggest to post to  I did, they do not care.
and: Yes, I am using the latest applications and apps.



Hi Christian,
Please allow me to add some suggestions after my not very constructive "rant" regarding the sloppy translations at Cisco:

What is your language-setup?
German-Germany  or any other Version of "German" (Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg)?
As far as I have noticed, Cisco-Software-Installers may fail to recognize language-settings that differ from "German-Germany" and install the Software in english.

You may, like I did, post all your suggestions to this platform:
If you represent a large company/enterprise or a federal institution etc. you are the main target audience of Cisco:
contact your Cisco-Partner and push them to forward your complaint to Cisco.

As far as I can say, Cisco is not used to deal with end customers (B2C).
But since collaboration-tools are driven by the users, Cisco started this user-forum (did not exist a few month ago) and opened the suggestions-platform I mentioned above.

Perhaps there is confidental agreement between Cisco and Microsoft ?
Cisco covers the north-american market with Webex while Microsoft floods Europe with MS Teams?
Well, the truth is out there...

Cisco Employee

You control the in-app language selection in your Webex/Preferences section as seen below. Could you try toggling your settings say to English and back to German and see if that resolves the problem? Otherwise this sounds like a TAC case is required



Also, if you can have your site admin please verify if this is set properly after the update:


Hey John,


thanks for your answer. I already done the steps you described, but it didn't help.

Guess i'll open an case with TAC.


Thanks for your help anyway.



@John Tansey
1st: I do confirm this issue:
the Client-Software is now partially in english; esp. everything after "Start Meeting" in the main Client-Window:

How should an update of the locally installed Client-Sotware change some settings in the Control Hub?
I guess you meant these settings? (Control Hub)

I changed it, but the language of client-software did not change.

BTW: your Screenshot seems to originate from the settings in the Personal Meeting-Room - not the Control Hub...
BTW2: changing the PMR-language to english also automatically changes the location-settings to USA  ("Vereinigte Staaten"). WHY?!


As far as I can say: the translation of the Webex-Meetings Client-Software is just incomplete - more than ever.

Come on, Cisco!  You can do better!



as I noticed right now: the language-issue does not occur,
when starting the meeting from the Webex-Teams-App:

...perhaps useful as a temporary workaround until Cisco provides a fix.

kind regards

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