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Ability to Allow Host to Unmute Participants Without Sending Request to Unmute

I was recently upgraded to Webex and am unable as host to unmute participants directly.  It now sends a request instead.  It does not matter if I have selected to allow users to unmute themselves or not.  Is there a way around this?  Our hosts control our meetings and need to be able to unmute speakers at specified times in our meetings without the speaker having to approve the request to unmute.


While I appreciate the privacy concerns surrounding the ability to mute/unmute, however, this is a real problem for our church use where we need to consistently help less tech savvy folks mute/unmute themselves.  

Please consider making this an option which can be disabled!


I work at a school and my teachers are not happy at all with this change!  Many of them relied on being able to unmute their students.  Could this change be reverted for education users?

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Hi everyone,


Thank you all for contributing to this thread and sharing feedback on the issues you are experiencing. Your voices are being heard, so thank you to each and every one of you. Tagging @gautgupt to this thread to share a response.

Cisco Employee

All, it is important to follow the audio privacy of Webex users and therefore we introduced the functionality in our October update where host/cohost cannot directly unmute any attendee. Host/cohost can only send the request to the attendee to unmute.

However, we do realize that there are scenarios where host will need more control of a meeting and a need to be able to unmute the attendees directly. We are planning to introduce a moderated mute mode which allow host/cohost to do so. This will still be controlled where host will need to select the moderated mute mode. Exact details and timeframes are being worked out. 


NOTE: The Community Manager has marked this response as the current solution so that other community members can easily view the BU's response. The solution will be updated when there is more information from the BU.

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Our WebEx meetings had been going very smoothly before this terrible update.  Like another commenter stated, our last virtual board meeting with elderly directors in mid-October (after the update) was a disaster.   It was the worst virtual meeting we've had as far as meeting flow and conversation, which says a lot considering most of them were brand new to WebEx in March.  If privacy is the supposed issue, I don't understand why you can't put a disclaimer at log-in that says the meeting host (and only the meeting host) is allowed to mute/unmute participants as necessary.  If they enter the meeting thereafter, that means they agree.   Anything more complicated than that will not work for us, as many of our director-users will not be able to figure out how to opt in to allow me (the meeting host) to mute/unmute them.   When is the anticipated date for the fix?   Please make this first priority! 

If a Host Mutes a Participant then the Host should also be able to Unmute them and participant should see an indicator saying Host has muted or unmuted you. If a Participant Self-Mutes then the Host should NOT be able to Unmute them, but should be able to Request them to Unmute.


C'mon Cisco, let's do this!!!!

I've paid a subscription with the expectation that Webex would not reduce functionality and so feel cheated that you have made my online meetings worse without thinking through the problem your actions will have on your paying customers!


Your implementation process is flawed because you could easily have addressed concerns about privacy by introducing an opt in/out function or gathered feedback from your users before introducing the change. Perhaps Cisco's true intention is to encourage Webex users to move away to Zoom or other providers that give better meeting control to the host?



Why not revert the changes until you have the moderated mute feature implemented.


A change of this magnitude should have been relayed to customers LOUD and CLEAR, not just some garbage in release notes that you know most people do not read.


Your decisions are ruining the user experience for our staff and clients.  You have made it impossible to have public meetings with public participation.


Stop the foolishness and revert these changes immediately!

I was told by our Cisco Webex account rep that we can request the "request to unmute" feature rolled back for our account. It does also roll back the Hard mute option. You might want to reach out to your Webex admin to have them request the roll back.

@gautgupt, can you provide the latest update on this please? I've also raised a case to rollback as this is impacting our organization big time. Thanks.



As a Cisco partner, Webex user and chief support for all things in-house Collab - I need to know when this will either 1) be reverted back to previous working / expected form and 2) if that is not possible, when the 'fix' will be released, and what the new form will be.  This sand-bagged our users & clients without any real warning.  

if the new process will be more than clicking a single button to mute/unmute all, then detailed documentation needs to be released well ahead of the change.  

there are not enough extinguishers to put out the fires i'm dealing with around this issue.

Hi, I don't know about you, but from seeing all the responses here working as a Business Analyst and Systems Developer, we would've rolled back this change right away and gone back to the drawing board. Looks like Cisco really messed up here. But hey there's always Zoom and Microsoft Teams. I really like Webex, but am finding it hard to defend your product against an influx of Teams and Zoom enthusiasts in my users.

Yes, that is correct, we will be releasing Moderated Unmute Mode in the next release, 41.1.  This mode can be enabled by admins/hosts to allow hosts and cohost to unmute participants directly.  Details to follow in the monthly comm.

Hello, according to update announcement at for the next release 41.1 there is no information or update about the Moderated Unmute Mode. Our instructors needed it for exam proctoring purposes asap. It would be very nice if you can give us a suggestion or alternative solution. Thanks in advance.


When will 41.1 be out. This is a huge problem for our public meetings and the way we utilize WebEx.

We currently conference call 2 WebEx meetings, one for public, one for the main meeting,

We would mute the public session until there is a public hearing...We can no longer unmute that public session.


I will try tomorrow to use *6 on the conference call phone, but not sure how the conference call will react in both sessions ???

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