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Ability to Allow Host to Unmute Participants Without Sending Request to Unmute

I was recently upgraded to Webex and am unable as host to unmute participants directly.  It now sends a request instead.  It does not matter if I have selected to allow users to unmute themselves or not.  Is there a way around this?  Our hosts control our meetings and need to be able to unmute speakers at specified times in our meetings without the speaker having to approve the request to unmute.


This is a crock. 


This was one of the main reasons we chose Webex over other platforms.  We have a bunch of 80+ year old board members that are not fluent on the use of Webex or technology in general.  We had a board meeting today and it was beyond terrible and made us all look like morons.


Can you not add a disclaimer when joining the meeting that the host has the ability to mute/unmute your microphone?  If they do not want their mic unmuted by the host, then they can leave the meeting.  Have this be an option in the site settings to turn on or off.



Also echoing the request to please change this function. This is a huge disability access issue within our organization as many of our meeting participants have physical disabilities that make it difficult for them to repeatedly mute and unmute themselves during a group.

I think it's important to mention that your Webex Events and Webex Training tools offer this option, and as others have mentioned this feature was available prior to the Oct. updates. Additionally, other prominent videoconference tools offer this feature as well. My role in our district is Tech Integration and providing support for teachers and staff in that regard. Many of our teachers are asking for this option to be re-enabled to assist with remote classroom management. 

With all due respect, this is why Zoom is eating your lunch. You killed a feature that lots of people use, and now you're blowing off your user community's response to it, whereas Zoom is doing everything possible to enrich their platform and address customer concerns. Oh, and Zoom hosts can mute and unmute participants at will.

I have the same problem, this feature was great in managing large group of participants, where some elderly participants are not that well versed in interacting with Webex interface. 

I can understand Privacy concerns, one way to get around that would be using the following algorithm

If Host initiated Unmute then

   if participant self-muted then

      Send request to Participant to Unmute.

   else if participant was host-muted then

       Umute participant.

end if.


Hello Mike,


Thank you for your response. Is WebEx looking into changing this back at all? It has caused significant problems for those of us running rehabilitation groups with clients. Before the change, we were able to assist clients in their participation, now that clients must must click buttons to accept un-mute requests it has caused inefficiencies and frustration among participants.


Thank you for your time in looking into this matter,

Martha Scott

The state of NC has implemented Webex Meetings to run remote court hearings. The clerks are not happy with the change as it affects their ability to manage a court proceeding.

That is not very helpful when dealing with seniors who are not tech savvy. Maybe you should have a business version and a version for others. Not being able to unmute participants makes using webex useless for us!

When teaching a 5 year old, requesting them to unmute and then waiting for them to unmute takes such a long time. Doing this each time you ask a question to one of your 30 students can make a meeting feel very unproductive. Before this new feature was added our lessons were going great. It truly felt like I was teaching in my classroom with my students but now it feels very unnatural. Teachers of little ones need this feature to be modified so we can be in control of our classrooms again. 

All online meeting providers allow the functionality of host to mute/unmute participants. Cisco Webex was no different until recently - many of us have purchased this product because of certain abilities within a meeting. We are all asking for the same functionality to return. 


I have the same issue and would like to hear from WebEx as to whether there is a way to undo this.  When you're running a group, it's very annoying.  Previously, I could mute everyone quickly if there was background noise and then allow the participant or me to individually (or collectively) unmute people.  Now I'm very hesitant to use this option as participants either have to notice they've been muted and undo it or they're getting multiple pop ups from me requesting that they unmute.  I wish I could go back to the old version.

me too...I like the old version too



This is an unexpected and problematic change.  How can I go back to the older version of the Webex app to avoid this issue?

I'm following this feed.  I teach classes but it is adults and they are in our places of business.  It really delays things when I want to keep the conversation going and then wait for them to unmute.  I would like to know a way around this as well.  




I am having the same issue. Some of our participants are joining through their phones, and I am finding myself unable to unmute them after I have muted them. How do I go back to the older version of the Webex app to avoid this issue?

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