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Ability to logout/in of Phone Services (on-prem CUCM) in Webex App?


On-Prem UCM 12.5 using OAUTH (not SSO) authentication with the Webex App.  We have SSO enabled for logging into the Webex App for the Meetings/Messaging workloads.  So when a user that has on-prem UCM licensed logs into the Webex App for the first time, they go through the SSO login process and then get a separate UCM login window.  All is good.  (Getting SSO enabled on the call manager side is on the to-do list.

My question is how can we have user's logout/login to the Phone Service workload?  I haven't been able to find a nice logout button on, say, the Phone Service Setting window.  We want the user to remain logged into the Meeting/Messaging workloads of the Webex App, but have the ability to log in and out of Phone Services separately.  Hunt groups aren't involved.

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Kathy N.
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Once logged in to the phone services in Webex, they can't log out again unless another app (such as Jabber) takes over the account.  

Instead of logging out, have them go to their Settings and go to Notifications then scroll down to "Calls" and click on "Always mute notifications."  This leaves them logged in but Webex never alerts them for calls.

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In our use case the issue isn't about notifications.  We want (need) the ability to log in and out of phone services independently of the Webex App's Meeting and Messaging workloads.  In the use case I am working on the users would log in and out of Jabber and use the Webex App for Meeting and Messaging seperatly.  We are working on trying to deprecate the use of the Jabber client and found this use case that has us stuck.


The extension is question isn't directly assigned to the user, like say, a full time office staff member's "desk" phone.  Think part-time employee where one user has the extension in the morning and a different user has the extension in the afternoon.  They both have the Meetings and Messaging workloads via their personal work accounts, but share an extension/CUCM login.

Can you not setup the directory number as a shared DN instead and let each user use it's own account for the whole login sequence? What your doing is IMHO a very edge use case that is likely not ever intended to be a fully supported use case.

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I agree with what Roger is saying. Just make the DN and shared line for each user. Another option would be to do the whole line group, hunt group, hunt pilot scenario with the DN and have the user's DNs as part of the line group. Being able to log out of phone services has been asked for the Webex App but has not become a priority yet. 

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