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Automation elements are present on the popup window of Webex Windows Application, but not possible to tap or click



I am doing automation (Basic call, 1to1 Chat, Conference, etc.) of Webex desktop application features on Windows, using Appium & Selenium.

Need help to solve issues with finding automation elements on the Webex popup windows on desktop (Windows 10) application.

But I am facing a strange issue as mentioned below:

  1. With the automation, it is possible to tap or click on any element on the main page of Webex application, no issues.
  2. Although the elements are present (or visible) from automation point of view, it is not possible to tap or click on any element present on the pop-up window for the below scenarios:

- when trying to click on “Answer” or “Reply” button when an incoming call notification pop up window on the right corner of       the laptop.

- when trying to click on “Logout”, “Settings”, etc on the popup window of Profile & Settings.

- when trying to click on “Hangup” or “Disconnect” an ongoing call popup window.


I tried with all possible attributes (e.g., Name, AutomationId) to click on the elements, but it didn’t help.

Also, the Appium driver is using the Windows Root capabilities, so that any window on the desktop can be clicked.

I am wondering why it is not possible to click (tap) the elements, even though the elements are visible on the popup and notification windows of the Webex application.


Could you please help me here to resolve this issue or provide any pointer which will help me to solve this ?


Best Regards


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