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Hello,  I am trying to see if webex for VDI will work in our environment. However, I have installed using the command line as suggested and added the reg keys but when I join a meeting I do not see any indications that "VDI" enhancement is in play. N...

When a meeting request is sent to you it would nice if you could select the option to attend the meeting in-person or online. As more and more people have hybrid work schedules it would be nice to know how the person will be joining the meeting. 

Hi, I am new at WebEx control Hub. I ordered some numbers from cisco and assigned them to some users. Then i deleted those users and now i want to assign those numbers to other users. Can someone tell me how can I re-use those Numbers? Thanks

Hi all,Recently I manually updated the Webex-Client on my Windows 8.1-PC to get the new Desktop-Icons.(not because I like the new Logo but to make it match the already auto-updated Webex-Meetings - Client-Icon).Since then, the "start with windows"-Fe...

Fritz_H by VIP Alumni
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hi all:Is possible to troubleshoot interaction problems (video freeze, keyboard/mouse freeze or delays) on-line with windows 10, running webex meetings or webex remote support.Right now I'm having issues with a client which runs windows 10 pro, have ...

rbadilla by Level 1
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My iPhone does not work as a webcam for Webex.   I have Webex  My Mac is running OS 11.2.3.   The iPhone is on iOS 14.5.   With EpocCam in the iPhone, I use the iPhone as a webcam for Zoom.   Zoom works well.  Webex does not.  I started...

richard10 by Level 1
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HI,We have 2 accounts for Webex Meetings.And we've had troubles sharing videos. When we share the video of the PPT, the video gets cut off or plays unclearly.We already did this following instruction,https://help.webex.com/en-us/ntx2aid/Share-Motion-...

hjchoi1 by Level 1
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