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"Schedule a Meeting" option from the "Plus Sign" menu in search bar at top of Webex Teams does not take you to where you can ACTUALLY schedule a meeting.

To reproduce:Click on the "plus sign" to the left of the search field at the top of Webex TeamsSelect "Schedule a meeting" from the popup menuIt takes you to the meeting itinerary page where you are UNABLE TO ACTUALLY SCHEDULE A MEETING and are only ...

DSorak by Beginner
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How can I move the floating menu on the left when someone is sharing their screen?

Depending on the aspect ratio of my screen or the person who's sharing their screen, there is a floating sidebar that can sometimes block a bit of what the user sees. This is especially an issue because when someone starts sharing a screen, the Parti...

Cisco Webex Meetings 2020-11-06 10-48-44.jpg

Resolved! Extract space from team

I created a team with different spaces. Is it possible to extract a space from a team to a space without a team.If it is not possible can I copy the entire content from a space to another space?Thanks for an answer.

EB3 by Beginner
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