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I want to enable transcript recording. The instructions on this page:https://help.webex.com/en-US/article/uq5009/Enable-Recording-Transcripts-in-Cisco-Webex-Meetings-and-Webex-Events-#id_133979 say "Go to Common Settings, Site Options" - I do not hav...

EleanorC by Beginner
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About 9 months ago When Webex attempts to call me on my iPhone for meeting, it stopped coming through.  It shows that it’s calling the right number, but I never get the call.  I’ve reviewed with my IT people and looked at every setting on phone and n...

Hello!My situation: I have 2 cameras via USB in one PC. From this PC I am runnig Webex Meeting. Also sharing a screen (or app) during meeting.Is there any option that I could share all of my 2 cameras, and simultaneously sharing screen. But the stude...

mihaSLO by Beginner
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Hi everyone,i was using webex for a while without any issue until a couple of weeks ago it started showing an error pop-up at the beginning of every meeting (see the picture below).For this reason i'm not allowed anymore to enable meeting audio and v...

problema webex.PNG