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Bluk/Automatic add of users to Teams - Using Teams for company communication.

Marcel :-)

Hello all,


is there any way to add multiple people to a team at once, or maybe even automated/group based?


Background is that we would like to use Webex (Teams) for company communication.

For example "Teams" for each of our company locations where there is e.g. a virtual coffee kitchen. Or you can arrange to meet for lunch or a game nights.


The whole thing should of course be automatically filled, preferably group-based because there are, for example, in our Active Directory groups in which the employees of the locations are.


Also we would have e.g. a team in which all employees are, in order to make so for example interactive question rounds with the management.



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Teams has an extensive API set what you can use to programmatically create Teams rooms and add users. You may want to check out the  site.

Thanks for you suggestion!
I guess, most Windows-Admins expects something like an option to periodically "mirror" the AD-Tree to the Webex Control hub and the ability to put checkmarks besides all OUs that should be shown as Spaces/Teams in Webex(-Teams). ((Only OUs that contain user-accounts, of course..))

Perhaps including filter-options like e.g "auto-create webex-teams/spaces only if the AD-OU contains more than n users." etc.
or: auto-created spaces are managed by the member who has the highest rank in the org-chart etc.
or: only OUs with a name that begins with "WX_"

@Fritz_HYeah, exactly.

and to be honest. I don't want to buy another tool (Power Pack) for have a better administration feeling in webex.
If Cisco want us to do that, they have to reduce the price for Webex

The second thing is that we're using HDS.
So adding some external service which have the right so read every message in a space makes the HDS useless.

Just as an FYI - Power Pack is not a paid tool.  It is an add-in app that is available.  Like some of the other bots for Webex.

Ah, ok.
Thank you for clarification.

but then there is still the "problem" regarding HDS why it makes no sense that we use this tool.

Hey @lajos.demeter,

yeah sure. but I'm not a programmer.

it would be nice if Cisco would provide a simple solution for this. I'm sure others could use this as well.


i don't know what is supposed to help me in this case

Sorry, my bad. This link will help you I hope:

Rising star
Rising star

@Marcel :-) 
I remember this has already been asked some time ago, but the answer was (as far as I remember) disappointing to me since there was no solution for this (at that time).

Perhaps you want to post your question in the Webex-ADMIN-Forum?


Hi @Fritz_H,


sure, i will do.



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