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How can I improve the audio quality in my calls with WebEx Meeting software?


I posted this message, then received an email alert about it, and then it seemed to disappear from the discussion board. I will try again!


I have an important digital presentation/interview session coming up, for which I have to use WebEx (which I was not familiar with before, but my company has a license and I downloaded the desktop app).

I use a good microphone (Rode NT-USB) which produces excellent recordings and works well with zoom and MS teams. When I tested the audio quality in WebEx, the sound was not good. I am no expert, so I cannot describe the exact issue, but it sounds as if my voice is higher and flatter, and there seems to be noise in the recording. I double checked the microphone input, yes, it was the correct external microphone.


Is there anything I can do about this to enhance the quality of the recording? The 'music' setting does not help. My computer is relatively slow and does not have a lot of free CPU when running WebEx, can this be a reason for the issues? But then again, I do not have these problems with other software.

Really hoping for some advice here!

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Franz Schoenberg

Hi @LookingForAdvice,

do you use the web app or the Mettings app? I had the same problem an figured out that Webex Smart Audio disturb the microphones signal under certain circumstances, e.g. if you use Webex with more than one person. See


I  too have the same problem, my USB external mic works very good in the studio setup ( OBS Youtube recording), however when it connect it to cisco meeting, there are lot of audio quality issues happening...


Thank you for the responses. I discovered that the bad audio quality concerns my testing the audio settings (the replay of my audio recording has very bad quality). When I actually call someone, the audio quality is good (we tried with several home computers so I could hear the sound). I guess this is a flag for the WebEx team to check the audio test? We also discovered that when you test your audio settings during the call, sometimes afterwards the microphone will not be recognized anymore, so I guess that function doesn't fully work, at least with my settings. I am glad that the call went ok but it is inconvenient that I cannot check my audio quality beforehand.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I would also recommend a few options through our free Webex Online Classes!

Here is a quick Take 5 video (5 minutes or less) that covers several options for connecting audio.
Take 5: Webex Meetings Audio Options 

This online class provides an overview to Webex Meetings including audio. Feel free to  add questions to the chat box throughout the class. Click the link to find a session date and time that works best.
Overview of Webex Meetings 

Here is a link to more classes that you can check out to help you along your adoption journey!
Online Classes 

Thank you for the suggestions. I responded below that the issue seemed to be the audio test rather than the sound quality during calling. The 5 minute video is mostly about muting and unmuting participants to keep a session quiet, so that does not solve my issue I will see if I can make time to join a webinar though.

Ashish Patel
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Can you try to use some other options to see whether its your PC or the specific mic that is causing issues. Could it be some specific sound settings on your sound card?
Is there a way not to use the mic at all and use a USB headset instead? If you have one or just use the PC mic and speakers?
Is there a way you can maybe dial in using a phone? Most Webex meetings would offer a phone number to dial into.

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Hello Ashish, we tried this on two different computers, with different microphones. The issue with the audio test was the same. As I reported below, the quality during the call itself was ok.

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