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Incorrect multimonitor desktop sharing



I have a two-monitor configuration: bigger monitor in center, smaller on a left side. Using Webex - which is placed on a left one, smaller monitor.

The problem is when I'm trying to watch desktop share from a person with some another monitor configuration - I see a grey screen instead of their desktop. Seems that Webex is broadcasting the content "as is" and broadcast configuration is not configuring itself on-the-fly.

Even if I set the monitor on the left as a Main one - the same situation happens with resolution. If the resolution of the viewer is lower than the resolution of the broadcast itself, then the entire screen simply does not physically fit in the pixel grid of the viewer's monitor.

Can something be done with the issue?

P.S.: I've attached a real photos - SORRY, I had to do it this way, it all can not be print-screened (tried, got solid gray screen of Webex desktop sharings).

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