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Joining a Webex meeting via URL/Outlook invite - Webex App vs. Webex Meetings

We are in the process of piloting Webex (formerly Teams) as a replacement for Webex Meetings.  Our issue is that is people click a "Join" URL from an Outlook invite or similar, it cross launches to the Webex Meetings app, rather than the new Webex App.

Is there a way to change this behaviour?  What's Cisco's recommendation here?

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John Tansey
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This is presently a gap that we are closing and expecting to deliver in approximately the May, 2021 timeframe. For now, to get the 'new meeting experience', please use the green toast/popups that you see in the new Webex App itself rather than launching from the calendar.


When we release the 41.5 update we will update the OS [Mac/windows] preferred app handler hook to launch the new meeting experience from the calendar as well.


Thank you!


~Joe Tansey

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