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Message blocked at "Sending..." after the use of a copy/pasted picture


Hello, we are using Webex for quite a while now. It happened to me once. But I forgot how it happened, now I was able to replicate the bug.

When trying to send a picture from the internet : I usually right click and choose copy and it does the job. But from a website for managing tickets ( we can insert screenshots on those tickets and I was trying to copy one I attached to the ticket previously ("thumb_image.png). When clicking copy and pasting it to the conversation on Webex I send the message and it's stuck at "Sending..." (in french it's "Envoi en cours ..." ) (see Webex_URL.png)

Now the message is below all the new messages I get and it's really annoying when new messages comes up as it's a pretty long message I wrote. The previous one was not so long but is still present. Although I don't know in which conversation it was

If you can help me get rid of this "Sending..." message so I can get back to work normally with Webex. Thanks a bunch in advance.

Sincerly yours, 


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Yes its stuck in sending and even after restarting webex app its in sending. usually it has to timeout after a while but its still in sending modesenidng.jpg


Also If I can add something important :
No, I can't right click on the message to delete it it does nothing when I right click except highlight the message.

I sometimes see this when network or service impediments exist (regardless of attachment source), but generally they timeout after some minutes, providing me with the option to retry or delete. If you restart the app, are the messages in sending state still shown?

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