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Need help with contacts and a little how-to in scheduling a meeting


Okay guys, I'm totally lost.

I had to use Webex, so I created an account, got the Starter thingy for one host and up to 150 users.

First thing, I downloaded the desktop app and tried to upload some test contacts. Looked up how to do so, some help page told me, I have to do this via web. Not the best choice, but okay.

I managed to get the csv form and finally uploaded a few contacts, even a mailing list.

First problem, I somehow uploaded it in the "Unternehmens-Adressbuch" (don't know the English expression, it's not possible to change the webpage to English). It's the non-personal adressbook. Not that big problem, if I could delete those entries. BUT there is no option to to so. The option is only given in the personal adressbook.


Second problem, although there are a few entries in the personal adressbook, there are no contacts shown in the desktop app. So the desktop app is kinda useless.


hird problem: What I try to achieve with Webex is to host a meeting where one host shares its presentation to about 120 users. They should watch and listen. So I thought I add all the users adresses wie csv import, put them all in a mailing list, plan a meeting and as contact I solely add the mailing list.


I appreciate every little help



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