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One click to end the webex


"Do you want to end the meeting?"  of course I do  

Can you remove this two step process to end a webex? or have an option to enable one click end of meeting.

When clicking the red X should be enough to end the call like zoom and teams does.

Once a meeting is over, there's that 3 to 5 second lag to click the Red X, then the pop up window, click to end again....

I didn't search to see if it's documented elsewhere, but apparently it's building up some internal frustration on usability  






Maybe not all users need those extra clicks, but some actually do to avoid closing calls by mistake. Nice request though, to be able to choose the verification or not. Put out a request on it for you



Searched for this solution, I get reminded every time I leave a zoom meeting with one click.  Make the security only apply as a meeting ending warning default for the host, and selectable for all?


It's a new feature designed to prevent co-hosts/hosts from inadvertently ending the meeting when all they intended to do was leave it.

From a usability point of view, it's a bad feature, when you end a meeting;

1) click the X

2) click to chose to end-all or leave

3) click to confirm you're leaving


it's 3 clicks....  

Like I said, after almost 2 years of doing this all day long, believe me when I say some users don't need that 3 click thing to end a meeting.


Vaijanath Sonvane
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Hi @Jacques_,

This is a safety measure to avoid ending the meeting by mistake clicking on Red X. I don't think this is an issue and there is no way to disable it. If you think that this is necessary and there should be an option to customize it per user then I would recommend to open product enhancement request using below URL: 



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Thanks, Vaijanath S.

It's not a safety feature.  After doing webex for  1 1/2 years now all the time, you expect the webex to end after you click that RED X.


I can't access the link you provided.


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