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Using 1080p Webcam

Alan Abhinav


So basically i have a webcam that supports 1080p or 720p but whenever i want to improve the quality of my video it just keeps me at 320p and doesnt let me change..

Is there a way i can change or improve my camera quality...

when ever i want to show my notes or something my video quality is always against and i dont want to share because it will use most of my data. So if i can change my video quality to 1080p or 720p i will have better quality and utilise the full usage of my camera

I am using a phone as a camera from a app called Droidcam

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Stephanie Knoop (ePlus)
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VIP Collaborator
There are a lot of factors that affect what resolution you can send for video on Webex. While it could be your Droidcam, I doubt it.

1. Has your Webex admin allowed HD video?
2. Does your PC meet the requirements here:
3. How you are joining the meeting (Webex App, Web based, older devices:
4. Bandwidth you have available and Internet quality; Webex can downscale your resolution if you are experiencing any network related issues between your PC and the Webex servers.

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