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WebEx Cloud Recording didn't match the Sync'd Stage.

Had a special guest speaker today. I set the the stage pinning (focus) on the Speaker. I unclicked Show Active Speaker and clicked Sync to Stage. So everyone could see what I wanted them too. I learned.. not everyone was able to view what I thought they were (Guest Speaker with no swapping back and forth of videos) My view (as host) stayed the same. (in short.. not everyone had the same view me, as host, tried to share.)


Afterwards.. I was reviewing the recorded video and learned that Even though I had clicked to Sync my Stage / view.. the recording switched back to active speaker. BTW.. I had the recording set to show Presentation and when not sharing.. to show speaker. Since the Stage was set to syn.. it should of recorded that!


Seems to me that the option Sync to stage should show what a host wants!


Any one experience this or have advise for the next time?


I have the same challenge now.  I thought maybe this would make it to 41.5, but not listed yet.  This is listed as a known limitation in 41.4.  Recording to local file does not resolve the issue either.  The only workaround is to have a separate dedicated client computer with screen/audio capture software.

Ashish Patel
Cisco Employee documented under Known Issues and Limitations.  Please submit your idea on or upvote ones that match what you see there.

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TY for your responses.


My issue 


1.. as Host when I set the stage and Sync to my stage.. It doesn't work for all participants. Maybe this could be an issue with what the participant used to join.. Browser or App. I had to share how to get the view they needed. Not optimal in my opinion.


2.. OK.. understand there apparently is a known issue / limitation with recording what the Host has set the stage too. Hoping this is corrected soon. I know I had submitted a "feature /  Idea" request but, maybe I didn't word it correctly.


What would be nice is that the WebEx Support Techs and Developers would maybe meet with a group of users who have submitted the idea / feature request to gather more information (other than posting.. needs more information). This way they can obtain a better understanding and work to develop and test before releasing the new updates. 


This can be more efficient creating a better experience for the clients. Just a thought.

Can you share a link to your feature request?  I do not see it at

Got it thanks; they appear to be addressed by new the Stage.  I submitted just now.

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