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WebEx Teams Bots Ownership

When I logon to WebEx teams and deploy a Bot to a space, who owns that Bot e.g. if my account is decommissioned does the Bot live on in the spaces its been added to? Can another user take over that Bots management?  

Cisco Employee

The membership of a bot in a space is not tied to the user who added the bot. Bot memberships in spaces are no different than memberships of regular users. If user A adds user B to a space and later user A's account gets deleted then user B continues to be a member of the space. Any user (only a moderator in a moderated space) can remove the bot from the space.

Thanks. Say though I add a bot to a space (Jenkins for example). Who can manage that bot though? Me, the moderator or anyone in the space? Also, if someone else in my org adds that same bot it it a different instance or the same one? 

From the Webex Teams perspective each space can only have exactly one membership record for any user (or bot). So, neither a regular user nor a bot can be added to the same space twice. ... OTOH the bot's backend can absolutely support multiple user configurations and the same time. But then the management of these bot specific user contexts is outside the scope of Webex Teams. For example the bot will not get notified if a Webex Teams user gets deleted so that the bot does not get a trigger to delete that users context.

Thanks for the replies. I'm still confused . So when I deploy a BOT (one of the Cisco ones in the AppHub for example like the RSS BOT) is that now available for all users to consume or just me?

Define what "deploy" means to you. The developer of the bot deploys the bot some place; that's where the bot is hosted, the code runs, the logic lives. You, as a user, can add a bot to a space and then everybody in that space can interact w/ the bot. Again, the bot can only be added once to any given space. The bot only has access to messages in which the bot is mentioned; to interact w/ the bot the bot has to be @mentioned in the message. The bot then can react to the message, apply its magic, and provide services. 

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