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Ability to Allow Host to Unmute Participants Without Sending Request to Unmute

I was recently upgraded to Webex and am unable as host to unmute participants directly.  It now sends a request instead.  It does not matter if I have selected to allow users to unmute themselves or not.  Is there a way around this?  Our hosts control our meetings and need to be able to unmute speakers at specified times in our meetings without the speaker having to approve the request to unmute.


I have been having the same problem.


This is a major problem for moderated meetings where the host needs to have the ability to mute and unmute any participant at will. It's a shame because Webex has recently added cool breakout features for Meetings. This new limitation kinda kills the joy...


We run a lot of vILT training since the pandemic began and this new limitation for unmuting participants is very disappointing, since it stalls a lot of our sessions when a person who is less tech savvy is having issues unmuting themselves. Also at times, we need to be able to unmute a participant at strategic times to introduce a speaker, etc.


This will need to be solved soon because Zoom meetings and other providers still offer the ability for hosts to have full mute and unmute control of users, and it would be a shame that Webex lose its traction to those competitors.


I trust that your moderated mute mode will be introduced soon to offers customers what they paid for.

Hi @gautgupt,

it's been over months and we are still waiting for the roll back of the unmute feature, and in these days our teachers are going to start with the exam session (the unmute is prominent!)

Could you predict (and share with us) the timing of the implementation?

Thank you


According to the link/text below, I should be able to select "Moderated Unmute" when I schedule a meeting. However, I do not see this as an option. Can anyone assist with this?

Administrators can enable moderated unmute mode on their site, giving hosts access to this option in the meeting scheduler and Personal Room preferences. Meeting participants will see a clear indicator in the meeting window for meetings in moderated unmute mode.

Hi, CHS.  Be sure to check if your site admin as tweaked the following options as desired for your Webex meetings site:


Hi, @gautgupt Thank You for the response. I am glad to hear an update to allow the host to unmute participants directly is in the works. But please consider an emergency update to address this. This is causing major disruptions to our educational system. A change like this should not be implemented without an opt-out or other way to reverse the change.


I am writing with the same concerns as the other commenters. We have noticed significant delays and awkward pauses in our local government meetings since this feature was added and hosts can no longer directly unmute call-in users. Call-in users are also being caught off guard by having to press *6 to unmute in Webex as well as unmute their own phone if they muted that as well. We are anxiously awaiting a fix to this and a return to our usual efficiency. 


Where is the response to this issue? all I see is people saying they have the same issue.... Help!

Cliff DuPuy

We have moved our commissioner's meeting to virtual since April.  Until this last update, the ability to unmute was available.  I'm confused about how Cisco felt it was a violation of privacy without allowing comments from customers.  I echo my peers, we need to restore the ability to unmute individuals.  Our community has been very responsive to how the meetings are conducted, now they are very confused about unmuting themselves, versus the host performing the operation.  Please restore this new "feature".



This is very obvious issue which Cisco should have fixed as soon as possible! while I have Call-In Users and now if I mute them, they literally have to disconnect and reconnect how convenient is this?!

Please, fix this option for the host at least for Call-In users. this doesn't make any sense for Call-in users. who decided this is a security issue for Call-In users!

No wonder Zoom's stock shares goes up 400% and Cisco's goes down!



We have had customer's suddenly enquiring about this change as it is affecting their video engagement especially those who are joining from video endpoints and do not get the request to unmute. No other feature change of Webex over the past few months has had this kind of a disruption. Please consider to rollback this feature until a sensible privacy solution can be developed. A pop-up message for the participant when unmuted by the host would make more sense rather than relying on the participant to unmute themselves.


VIP Rising star

Wow, this discussion is very interesting to me (seen from an european POV):

it´s 2020, Mr. Snowden is already almost history and there is still complaint about measures that may help to improve the protection of privacy.
Perhaps even more interesting, perhaps even shocking, is the fact that Webex-Users are considered to be too stupid (?) to unmute themselves.

I have been working in IT-Support for a long time and therefore I know very well, how... "special" Users can be, but I still believe in their learning ability - esp. if you take the time to explain the benefit of a (any) change.

Do you have a good idea or suggestion for a solution how to cover both: ease of use and options to protect privacy?
Please post them here:

As an example you may perhaps want take a look at my suggestion:

kind regards
some guy from Europe

Yes, they need to put the control only for PC audio. Most phone users don't remember that they can hit *6 to unmute and apparently the request does not work for room kits. If they fix those things then I would be ok with it.


Also, a Mute Lock button for the user would be a better solution. That way privacy can be protected and controlled by the participant.

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Yes, you may also call my suggestion ...
... a "mute lock" which the host can not override.

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Ah, I forgot that there are still people out there who use classic Phone-Calls to join a Webex-Meeting.
My fault, sorry.

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