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Cisco account creation question

First post so please forgive me if it is in the wrong forum. I have recently started a new role so much of this predates me but I received an email from Cisco Commerce Workspace a couple of days back thanking me for placing an order and informing me that I needed to activate my Cisco account by following a link that was included within the email. The link was genuine and took me to a registration page that had my email address pre-filled. Every field needs to be completed but the company field has a dropdown with a number of companies already present and no option to add the company I work for,


We have both a webex subscription and a Cisco telephone system - these are through different providers - and at one point I believe that the telephone system was being shared between a number of companies as the internal directory had far more people in it that work for the company. This was resolved by the telephone provider but now this has happened which makes me think that the process to separate the phone system was not complete. I have spoken to the telephone provider who do not recognise these companies so my question is where did this list come from?thumbnail_image.jpg

Goswin Weemaes
Cisco Employee

@NickFuke , I would recommend to reach out to your Cisco partner and ask them to open a support case with the Cisco XaaS team. This is the link that you can share with your partner:
The XaaS team will be able to sort out why your email address is not correctly linked with your company name.

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