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Phill Daniel

How do i stop webex meetings desktop app from starting all the time

I use Webex Meetings app on my personal Windows 10 computer and the webex meetings app starts of it's own accord about 4-5 times each afternoon.


So i have my corporate laptop remain in the office and i use VPN / RDP to the laptop and then work from there.  All webex meetings i have i forward them on to my personal PC so i can use the local webcam / microphone


1) Webex meetings app does not start with windows / login - i have set that deliberately.

2) at the completion of each conference i shutdown the desktop app via the cog / exit options.

3) Webex randomly starts itself.  this happens 4-5 times in the afternoon and it is frustrating as it changes the focus from my VPN/RDP session back to my local PC.

4) i have disabled the setting to check for nearby vc systems.

5) there is nothing in the windows task scheduler to indicate any timed events.

6) i checked for latest update, my app version is


There is comments in Reddit about this and no response from cisco.. what can be done to stop this from occurring.



Phill Daniel

Avinash Gaur
Cisco Employee

@Phill Daniel 


Hello Phill,


I would suggest you to kindly uninstall webex services from your system and then reinstall it again and then check. Please refer the below mentioned link:
To delete all webex application and tools:
To reinstall WebEx Desktop App:
To reinstall WebEx Productivity tool for Outlook app:    (Make sure that Outlook app is closed when you are installing Productivity tool)

Please try the steps above and let us know.

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Hi @avi ,

I have followed the first 2 steps and will monitor (i dont need the outlook plug-in at home).  One thing that i had forgotten was the Chrome Plugin - perhaps that may have influenced things  (of course I don't know) but I also removed that as well.


So i will test the solution today and see what occurs over the next 24 hours and provide feedback.


Many thanks for your prompt response



Phill Daniel.

hi @Avinash Gaur 


The application did not restart yesterday after following your instructions, so I have listed this as solved.  However, perhaps the Chrome Plugin may have been root cause.  i did not re-install the plugin and no issues since.

@Phill Daniel ,



Good to know that the issue is now resolved.




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Hi @Avinash Gaur ,


This is NOT solved it has done it twice this afternoon (AUS) timezone. Any logs or anything i can obtain to assist in diagnosis ?

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@Phill Daniel 

perhaps this may fix the missing "start with windows"-feature:

Put an alias/link to the webex-meetings application into this folder:
C:\Users\<your username here>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

(from Windows 8.1, may be a bit different on Windows 10)


Hi @Fritz_H you are mistaken in what i wanted.  my issue was it auto-started ramdomly in the day - it is already set NOT to start with windows.  Once i manually started it for a meeting and then exited - it would restart randomly.



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