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Problems sharing video files with iOS users

We have been using Webex meetings to run our virtual church services for the last seven or eight months, and it has been working very well. Since group singing is impossible on Webex (owing to the time lag) I download video files of hymns (as mp4s) to my PC which I then share with users during the service. Until recently this had been working perfectly well, with all users able to see and hear the videos simultaneously, regardless of what device they were using.


Last Sunday, however, one iOS user reported that although she could hear the videos, she could not see them. This Sunday, ALL iOS users reported that they could not see the video, but they could all hear it. I ran a trial of my own, hosting a meeting on my PC and joining from my iPhone, and was able immediately to reproduce this behaviour. I then checked the app history on my iPhone and noticed that an update was released about a week ago (version 40.11.1). It seems likely to me that it is this update which has caused this issue.


Just to reiterate, the videos are shared as standalone mp4 files, not as part of a Powerpoint presentation, or anything like that, and this has been working perfectly well in all of our previous 29 services. [EDIT: And I should add that all PC and Mac users are still able to see and hear the videos without problems]


Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Is it a bug, and if so, when is it likely to be fixed? If it is not a bug, what is the justification for the change?


Unfortunately, coming quickly after the change not to allow the host to unmute people without confirmation, Webex has rapidly become unworkable for us.

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