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start multiple meetings

having to start about thirty meetings, I wanted to know if there is a tool or a CLI to quickly start multiple meetings. I just have to start, I'm not interested in participating



I assume you have a paid license (versus a free account).
This license will enable advanced features during that meeting since you/your license acts as a "meeting sponsor".

This table will give an overview of the features available for different license-levels:

AFAIK this "sponsoring" only works for one concurrent meeting for each license
(since a physical person can only host and attend one meeting at a time).

If you do NOT participate, your license does not sponsor the meeting and it will (AFAIK) drop to the lowest feature-set.
(I am not sure if the license-level of a participant may take the role of the meeting-sponsor..)


maybe I wasn't clear enough. Yes, at school we have a paid license as we have an account for each class. my intent is to quickly start all meeting rooms. as an alternative to the classic method, is there the possibility to do it from the shell instead? I don't need to broadcast audio and video, but I just have to start the meeting so that the teacher and the students can participate.

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There is some dispute on how many meetings one person can schedule AND have running concurrently.  We have had one user schedule more than 10 concurrent meetings but only 4 of them could be running at one time.  Once the 5th meeting URL as clicked on they receive an error that says you're already hosting meetings, you need to close one of them first.  In a separate community conversation about this topic another users said they could get 12 active meetings simultaneously.  You may want to test this before you commit to providing that many rooms to be active at the same time.   As far as I know there is no way to automatically start meetings using a CLI.  


An alternative way to manage this would be to use breakout rooms.  You should be able to have 100 breakout rooms in a meeting with up to 100 attendees in each room.  Currently you would have to assign each user to the appropriate room but this can be done fairly easily if you have the attendee list and breakout room requests. 

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