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Webex Teams for Linux Clients

Hello together,

is there a Webex Teams client available for linux machines?

Thanks, Best



Whats the point of the Aha ideas portal when it's ignored anyway? Teams on Linux is now number 3 in the list. Cisco don't care about the customers. They just want sales sales sales. If you pay then leave then it's still a win for Cisco, right. I'm hearing many stories of customers moving to a solution that fits their business. ie microsoft teams. 


I have to agree that a Linux client is sorely needed or at least some helpful and well-maintained browser extensions that optimize the experience, especially since Microsoft provides at least a "preview" client. Both products are largely broken when run in the browser for persistent collaboration activities. I don't why exactly, but I suspect it has to do with timeouts for single sign-on in the browser by administrators.  It's also harder to properly direct audio to headsets rather than speakers/soundcards when run in a browser. 

Cisco originally marketed Teams for the DevOps comunity and doing that without a Linux client is impossible.

I'd add that Linux desktop use by technical workers is likely to increase now that Microsoft has demonstrated complete abandonment of QA with their last year or so of system destroying mandatory updates and the latest Edge browser fiasco where it presents as a literal computer virus.



Most top voted aha ideas are being worked on/finished and being tested.

I would personally recommend to upvote the feature if you want more attention to it.

The Linux native client is a bigger challenge though.


"Most top voted aha ideas are being worked on/finished and being tested."


Is this confirmation that cisco are building a linux client for teams?


"The Linux native client is a bigger challenge though."


I disagree with your statement. Linux is not a new platform and there are competitors of Cisco that are doing it just fine, eg slack, zoom, microsoft teams. Implement basic messaging and calling as a starting point in Cisco Teams on Linux, then go from there. Simple really :)


"Is this confirmation that cisco are building a linux client for teams?" - No :)


I can just encourage the community to upvote on Aha Ideas, because it's not up to engineers how many resources are put into this.


Microsoft Teams is the web page in an Electron app.

Would you be ok with in an Electron app?




I had not heard of Electron before you mentioned it. I have heard of other systems that can run a web app (like more like an application. I tested this, basic messaging works but nothing else. Because it was based on a cut-down version of Chromium. 


As long as the functionality is there, I think any solution is fine at this point. To get around the problem of the slow web app. frequent browser hangs (probably memory leaks but not confirmed) and browser crashes and finally, the user forgetting to launch the browser and therefore being offline. These are the problems we are facing while trying to use teams on a browser. 


Also, previously, the browser used to get the new features before the desktops. Now the browser version is one or more releases behind. 


Is electron app. something I can do (not a dev) or does this need to come from Cisco? 


Thank you for the help,




If the website would implement all the feature of the native client and have comparable performance (like the Microsoft Teams and Slack client)? Of course yes!
With the current version of the Hell no,  it's almost completely unusable: a lot of missing features (can't edit, cant view/add reactions) and the performance is incredibly bad. And yes, I know that there is a beta version that solves many of these issues, but with the beta version you can't make or join calls so it's completely useless.


Speaking of voting ideas, what happened with the website? The Linux client idea was the 3rd most popular idea since several weeks and today, when I checked again, I saw a bunch of new ideas, all created 8 days ago, with hundreds of upvotes and barely any comment. This looks pretty suspicious to me.

If you check the voter section of one of this incredibly new and popular idea, this is how it looks like:





Windows and Mac users also vote for their preferred features :)


Btw, most Linux clients that were mentioned are just web pages inside a Chromium frame(Electron): Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack.

That does not require as much effort but the performance difference will still be there(higher RAM and CPU usage, with slower startup times).


I just want to encourage you to continue voting, it does have an effect on the features being worked on.


Windows and Mac users also vote for their preferred features :)


Yeah, sure, all exactly 8 days ago and all together at the same time. And all with guest accounts.


Anyway, if Cisco could offer the same level of quality of Microsoft Teams, Skype and Slack client it would be perfect. The real problem is that the current WebEx Teams website is not even close to the equivalent quality level provided by the competition.


Thanks for pointing this out. Obviously the aha! portal is a farce and does not relate in any way to the requests of real users. I've just managed to add votes anonymously to the linux one. What a joke. 

Cisco Employee

What is the status for this? On the issue on it states it's under "Future consideration".


The status is that Cisco simply does not care, no matter how many people are asking for this feature.


Currently the Linux idea is the 2nd most popular idea in the User Community Feedback, with 7x the comments of the #1 idea:



Cisco Employee

Leaving the link to Aha ideas that was mentioned in this thread:

Cisco Employee - is now in "Planned" state.

See what you did?


Thanks for voting

Cisco Employee

Hi all,


Thank you to all who have contributed to this thread and submitted your vote in the User Community Feedback Portal. I'm sure you've all seen it, but because you rallied behind the idea, our product team better is bringing Linux support for Webex to life.


Linux support has been an idea that has been asked for and thought of for quite some time, but the influx of votes from YOU displayed the dire need for this to our product team. This idea has over 800 people from over 300 companies and 100 partners supporting it. As the Community Manager, it thrills me to see this and the power of community. Your thoughts, ideas, and frustrations are all important to hear for us to make a better product, so thank you for continuing to share those here in the community and the AHA portal.


Thank you all for being a part of the conversation!


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