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Callway Endpoints & Benefits questions


Hello all,

If the customer is in need of a profile 52/C40, will callway not support it at all?  Also, if the customer is only looking for a point to point video solution, how can callway help or provide more value?  The customer stated that they could manually enter IP addresses of the other endpoint to create a point to point connection. 


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Jane Faraola
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


(1) In the C-Series endpoints, the Callway Service officially supports the C20 and the C40, and Profile Series which are based on the C20 and the C40. The C60 and the C90 are not supported, and there are no plans to support them. If the customer orders a Profile 52, so long as the codec is C20 or C40 based, that is fine.

(2) Callway's benefit becomes apparent when the number of addressable endpoints grow beyond the capacity to efficiently manage a directory on each endpoint directly, and as the industry moves towards SIP based URI addressing. Callway provides for:

* FireWall traversal

* Multi-Vendor InterOp between H.323 and SIP standards-based video devices,

* Easy Plug-and-Play activation and portability irrespective of assigned IP address

* 24x7 Customer Service

* Client Services to help promote adoption and demonstrate ROI

Contact your Cisco Account Team to discuss other benefits of the Callway Service.

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