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Endpoints Dropped from MeetMe bridge

customer is doing a MeetMe bridge call with their QS C20 Callway Endpoints and then there are a couple of PolyCom HDX units that are connected into the meeting as well via SIP.

What they are experiencing is that the PolyCom units are dropping fromthe call after 11 minutes and a few seconds consistantly.

Does anyone know of something either in teh MeetMe or maybe in how PolyCom might be doing something and time out?

I have a case also going to the ask-callway and the support@callway as well.  I am just covering all possibilities.


Rising star

Well the issue is that PolyCom in their desire to be more compatable with MicroSoft added a whole bunch of additional SIP parameters to their INVITE and ACK packets that after a while, 11 minutes 10 seconds, the Callway MeetMe SBC decides that it has had enough and drops the call.

On the PolyCom side this seems to have been added around the 2.6 code time frame.  And lucky us, there does not seem to be anywhere in the PolyCom configuration pages or even through the telnet CLI that I have found that will disable this.

So what I have done to get around this is to create a Dial Plan and Zone on my Expressway that takes the traffic from these Polycom endpoints, whether SIP or H.323, from my customer and twists it so that goin to the MeetMe bridge, it is H.323 and all is well.

Working with Callway DE was good.  Fustration with PolyCom and their lack to support to try and solve the problem.

Customer now has multi-hour meetings and seems to be happy with the results.