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Audio connection issues

I am hoping someone can point me to a document that might help me support some of our attendees who are having trouble with video files we are sharing in the content viewer.  We get comments in the CHAT log like, "my audio stopped," "I can't hear the audio," or "the volume is really low." Here was a common experience we heard: I heard the first couple of words of the video, then lost audio."

Other attendees have no trouble seeing and hearing the video so I am not sure if there are certain incompatibilities I need to be aware of for certain attendee connections. Does anybody have nay information that would help me, as this is really frustrating for participants who sit starting at a blank screen or video with no audio for 2 minutes. Again, I know we are using the proper method for sharing videos (SHARE > FILE) so I am struggling to know what is getting in the way. If anyone has any thoughts or direction for me, that would be great.



I'm experiencing this as well. There's no apparent reason as to why some experience this vs others. 


I'm surprised to not see a Webex response to this yet. Any thoughts/suggestions?


Health check shows all users green across the board. Webex site shows all systems green. Bandwidth indicator for all users is green. Some are using headphones, some using computer audio, and some using their phone -- doesn't seem to be any category in particular that has the problem. 




I wish I had additional thoughts or suggestions. I would love to hear form someone on this but as of the moment, I have no data or response. Sorry!

Cisco Employee

Hm - This can be a difficult one to pin-point.  


First off, if you are sharing the file Share > File, people will hear the audio through their computer audio.  Sometimes you have folks that may be expecting to hear it through the phone and their computer audio is either muted, or turned way down.  Before you play the video, make sure everyone has computer volume up and not muted.  


As to why people are losing it altogether after hearing it, I am not too sure what could be happening there. 


If its happened in the last 24 hours, it might not a bad idea to open a case so its reported.  You can do that here:

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Thank you Clare,

I will keep this information handy. It happened for sessions in late June so I will open a case if it happens again. We are heading into a BUSY fall with many sessions so lots of opportunities to test.

Hope you are well.


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