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Desktop Share with Audio in WebEx Training


Is there an option for a WebEx Training panelist to share their desktop, with audio, in WebEx Training?

I regularly use that functionality in WebEx Meetings, specifically for Powerpoint presentations with embedded videos. I cannot find the same functionality in WebEx training.  Sharing the Powerpoint application also does not pass audio, and WebEx is incapable of naively sharing PPTX files with videos.

Is there a way to share my presentations and videos without extracting every video and sharing it as a separate multimedia object?

Cisco Employee

Thank you for your post!  


At this time there are only 2 options in Webex Training that allow the Presenter to share video. 


The first is Share File (Including Video) this will aloow you to bring the video file in the content viewer with a play button.  The video will play for attendees and they will hear through their own speakers.  


The other option if the video is browser based, it to Share Multimedia.  This will open a panel on the right and plav the video. 


At this time Webex Training does not have the same Share Screen + optimize like Meetings 

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this exactly does NOT work.

My students can see the video, yet they are NOT able to hear the sound in their speakers whilst I am able to hear ist, which gives a totally wrong impression! Luckily I have an audience that seak up.


In other applications, e.g. Teams there is a connection to link embedded audio for the viewers.

Is there any possibility in webex WITHOUT having to use two screens and play the video separately?




I agree that this does not work. I've tried a couple different formats as well, but nothing seems to work. I can only share a video with sound if I email the video. Or I can share it in the chat, but each person has to watch it separately.

How can we share a video and have it be watched and heard by everyone at the same time?


Per Clare's response above, the way we share video + audio for all to hear at the same time is to do a Share > File (with audio) into the content viewer window (we do NOT use the Share > Multimedia) option, as that is wonky (in our opinion). You obviously need to source (e.g. mp4) file in order to share it into the content viewer but that works fine for all of our sessions. While we have an occasional viewer who experiences some AV issue, that is often due to mobile device users and even then we have plenty of mobile attendees who do not experience an issue. I am not expert here - just letting you know what works for us. Clare has said on several of her recorded and live trainings that these are the only 2 ways for a presenter to share a video with audio.

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