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How to see Q&A and or Chats directed specifically to the Host?

If you have one or two assistants who will be joining the session so they can monitor the Q&A and or Chats sent directly to the Host (to organize and call the hosts attention to them), what do their roles need to be so they can see questions or chat directed to the Hosts?  Also, can more than one alternate host be designated for a session?  I know that during a session only one person can be host at at time, but can several be designated at the time of scheduling the class?  If so, does THAT let them see Questions and Chats directed to whoever is the current host in a Training Center session?  Thanks in advance for your help.

Cisco Employee

Hello!  Private chat is truly private, so no one can see private chats unless you are the one intended recipient.  When it comes the the Q&A panel there is no way to restrict who your attendees can send questions to.  I often remind attendees verbally and in the chat panel (or have a panelist do it) "Please use the ask all panelist option in the Q&A panel so all panelists see your question, if you send questions privately, they may get missed" 


There are adjustments you can do with your chat panel.  Presenter can click on "Participant" (top left menu bar) and select the option to assign attendees privilege's.  You can adjust the chat options so chats won't go to just the host.  


Never-the-less, I do paste chat messages to all attendees in chat reminding them of who to send chats / Q's to.  


There is only one Host in Webex Training.  You are unable to have more than that.  

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