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Issues with WebEx Training: email calendar meeting integration, alternate host and polling



I just recently started using WebEx Training to host my company's Virtual Trainings. However, I have encounter a couple issues.


First, no one, including me is getting the integrated outlook calendar invites with WebEx Training.  I also use WebEx Events and WebEx Meetings and we have no issues getting an automatic invite added to our email program.  Perhaps there is an add-in or something that I need? We receive the email with the link telling us to add the invite to our email calendar but its not automatic like we have all grown accustomed to with Events and Meetings.  Or is this a limitation of WebEx Training?  If it is a limitation, can I request that this be added as an enhancement request to WebEx Training?


My second issue with WebEx Training is with Alternate Hosts. With WebEx Events or Meetings I always add an alternate host as my backup in case something happens.  With WebEx Training I have added an alternate host successfully in the setup but every time (3 times now) I added an alternate, they were unable to join the WebEx Training even with an accepted invite!  So now, I don't bother adding an alternate host since it doesn't work as expected in Events or Meetings. Again, is this a limitation of WebEx training? If so, I would also like to request this as an enhancement.  Having an alternate host is very important if the host is unable to join the scheduled training for whatever reason.  Again, I am new to WebEx training so perhaps its something that I am missing?


Third issue in WebEx Training, polling. Do panelists or presenters NOT have the ability to enter polling questions or administer polls to the attendees? Is the host the only one who can enter the polling questions and answers and administer the polls?  Again, this is not the case with WebEx Events or WebEx Meetings. Can this also be an enhancement request if Training can't do this yet?


Thanks for your help!  I am frustrated with some of the features that appear to be lacking with WebEx Training and I am beginning to think that the only benefit to using WebEx Training is for the breakout sessions.  I hope that this is not the case and that it is just my "newness" in using the tool.

VIP Collaborator


All your issues are valid within Training Center. If you notice, the app loads feels a little different, less than Meetings or Events. Please note its been said that Training Center is unlikely to receive any future enhancements. Instead, the core function of Breakout Rooms is likely to be rolled into Webex Meetings, where you will be able to do all functions necessary for the training.

I appreciate this thread and would love some clarification/confirmation from Cisco to know if Webex Training Center is going to become obsolete at some point, with all "virtual training" functions being imported over to Meetings. We JUST started using Webex Training Center this month and have been receiving requests from others in our organization to have us walk them through the functionality so they can consider using it. I am not very familiar with the differences between Meeting and Training Center. Is breakout room the only difference? If so, can anyone confirm whether Training Center will eventually go away and be replaced by a more robust version of Meeting?



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