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WebEx Training Breakout Session "Move To" Command Greyed Out

In a recent WebEx Training session, while using Breakouts in Automatic mode, I discovered one of my students was in the wrong Breakout Session, but when I tried to move the student to the correct Breakout Room (right click on his name), the "Move To" command in the pop-up was greyed out. I've searched high and low for the answer/procedure for this function but cannot find any info anywhere! Please help.

Cisco Employee

I am not really completely sure why that was grayed out, but I have attached a screen shot of something I do that makes it easy for attendees to move in and out of breakouts on their own.  


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Thanks for the helpful instruction, Clare! I've noticed that the "Move to" command is available iwhile setting up Breakouts Manually (right clicking on a name brings up a pop-up with the command available there) but only until the Breakouts are Started. After Starting the Breakouts the Move to command is grayed out and the Participants must use the method shown in your screenshot to rejoin their Breakout Room, or to Join another Breakout Room.


Hi Clare,


Can attendees still move in and out of breakouts on their own (using the screenshot that you attached to your previous message) when I've used the automatic assignment function? An attendee's internet went down in the middle of a breakout session, and when they rejoined the training session, I was unable to determine how to allow them to re-enter their breakout session from the "main room". She stated that the options under the Breakout menu were grayed out. For this case, when all attendees are in a breakout session to which they have been automatically assigned, how can I assist someone who entered late reach their room? Is this possible when I've used automatic assignment?


Thank you!

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