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New User- Webex Meeting


Ok guys help me out please, i feel lost ....


I have been invited to a virtual interview on Webex which made me sign up for it to be able to practise it before the actual interview.


Now the issue is i asked a friend to schedule a test meeting and he did and it is showing on my profile. However, this scheduled job interview is not showing on my profile...i was thinking because i got invitation on same email id so technically it should show, no? Also another issue is that when i go directly on the job interview invitation link, it gives me two options to join it....when i use the login option it says invalid password even though its same as what i use when logging on the website separately. Also i tried to reset the password through that page but never got any email with the code or further process.


I am already nervous about this interview and on top these technicalities are making me super confused. Please guide.

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