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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


New interactive online classes to help Clinicians, Care Team, and the Administrative Staff transition to virtual healthcare through Webex Meetings. 


Click on the course title links below to learn more about the courses and to find session dates and times that fit your training needs.


Webex for Clinicians

Harness the power of digital technology to improve quality of care and reduce costs. Join this interactive class as we take a look at some of the ways you can use Webex Meeting to personalize your patient’s experiences and expand your reach. Learn how to host virtual consultations with patients from home starting with setting up your appointments to your patient's follow-ups and actions.


Webex for the Care Team

Join us for this hands-on learning experience, highlighting how to use Webex Meetings as a Care Team professional. After this class, you'll feel confident preparing for the visit, including setting up audio and video, and using the share content and whiteboarding features to provide creative support during consultations and exam room appointments.


Webex for the Admin Staff

Join this interactive class and learn how to schedule and prepare patients for their virtual appointments by scheduling on behalf of your clinicians. After you've scheduled your Webex Telehealth appointment, learn the best practices to prepare the patient for their Telehealth consult appointment.


Healthcare IT Admins - We have several classes to help you with the essentials for configuring and optimizing deployment.


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Explore any of our other classes as we have a curriculum of over 60 courses designed just for you. Come check us out!

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