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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

For August, the Feature Spotlight is Integrations and App Hub!

Over the course of a day, my team and I use a bunch of integrations in Webex. Mostly, we use the birthday bot to remember team members' birthdays, the Miro board pins to record ideas when they happen, Box to securely share large files with folks outside our organization, and Slido to do wacky polls. Haven't you always wanted to know who your team's favorite superhero is? Or whether they would prefer to have telescopic vision or night vision?

So, how do you and your teams use integrations in Webex? Have you developed or support any?

We want to know what you love about integrations or App Hub and any tips you have for fellow users. In less than 100 words, comment below on how integrations help you boost productivity.  Your response will enter you into our giveaway for a chance to win a Cisco 730 headset. We'll keep this post active through the entire month of August and randomly select a winner in the first week of September. Congratulations to July's winner, @cklink!

More about integrations and App Hub

Integrated apps help you and your customers amplify the way they work in Webex. Apps like Jira, Trello, Mural, Miro, Box, and Salesforce boost productivity while Webex takes care of keeping you and your team connected and in control. The links below contain all the information admins and end-users need to integrate apps. Be sure to visit the App Hub to see what else is available.



To learn more


I like just being able to link certain websites related to a space so I can just stay within the same app to both collaborate and access related information.


Our customers are really excited to use slido. At the moment, we are working on getting to know the features of slido better to be able to help our customer to make the most of it.

I would be preparing some slides to present to some of our customers early september

This is a great discussion to have regarding BOT integrations with Webex. Our customers are looking for value add services from us.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Just to be an overachiever @aahawkin - I have two for you and the Webex Community.


I have Webex Ambassadors around the world so am so grateful for the translation bots!

Just add the language bot you need to a space and when you @mention the bot it will translate your text for you. In my case I add the ToEnglish Translator to allow my non-native speakers to communicate more freely, and then I also add the ToSpanish Translator to allow me to type in English and not put a burden on my native Spanish speakers to have to translate on their own. This is my favorite bot to make sure everyone feels welcome and that their input is valued.



I'm really into bots that help you be more productive. I recently found this one that does a ton of useful things like 

  • send auto-reply message to all @mentions and direct messages
  • set up todo lists
  • keep track of activity from all spaces
  • literally 100 other things I haven't used yet



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

@mollydubow Thanks for the tip on the army knife bot, I've just added it! Productivity, here we come!

The integrations with Miro have been amazing for our team to keep our brainstorming and vision exercises always within reach for the team as we spend ALL of our time in the Webex App! 

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I love Slido as integration as well! It's great to boost audience engagement!

Just this week I started exploring using the TRELLO  app integration and it has come in SO handy. We can be discussing next steps on a project in a space and then call Trello and add a new card or update an existing card in real time. I never forget to update a List or Board following a call or impromptu chat. This has been a nice way to leverage the two tools. Thanks!

VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

* RSS to get notification for updates in feeds in my preferred app

* Calling Help Bot to search and

* Fabian to get notified about several news around Webex/Cisco

* to easily move mail discussions to a space

* Eurl to make joining team spaces easy

* Several own bots that pushes notifications to our admin team in case of incidents/alerts

Shambu Gad
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

For me a great use case has been adding my project work related web sites using the + Apps feature like the Defect fix search tool site which has helped my team to do a quick bug search on the webex app itself instead of going to multiple sites to do research.


Along with other many BOTs i use to make my work related tasks much easier.


Great feature webex!!!


The best app integration is the easiest app integration for Webex. The Cisco team has produced an incredibly useful RSS feed integration. If you are looking to make Webex the first screen for your community, find every useful news feed at your ORG, find the ones that are relative to your org too. Set each up under a "News" team as an RSS news announcement space. Ask your Admin team to permission everyone in your org to be a member of the "News" Team using the power of Webex Hub API scripting. Set the general space for the team (and all other spaces) to be in "announcements" mode. Bob's your uncle, you have now easily surfaced important information feeds for your org. Every individual can join the news spaces that are relevant to their needs. 


Pretty cool right?!

Note for the team at Cisco -- This model would be even better if client Hub admins had a checkbox that would make designated teams or spaces visible to the entire authenticated org without the need for that awkward API script and daily sync step.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Slido - to engage most of the people in these virtual meetings

Add a website - In the world of bookmarks , Easy to find and open the link related to the space within a second

Water Cooler - Virtual Social Gathering to know about the person

Outlook Alerts -  Waiting for a important email alert when you are away from Laptop

Pollbot - Poll within seconds



Francisco Zicre

I made a bot using botkit for our company and a web app with a "click to call" button using Browser SDK and CUCM.

And right now we are making an integration using react and space widget on our Website.


Just a little recomendation, please translate the most popular bots on the apps hub(rememory,birthdaybot,pollbot etc) to Spanish, so everyone in LATAM can use them.


Thank you.


interesting it's good to boost audience engagement


well by far the outlook scheduler has been the most used and useful integration to seamlessly schedule meetings whether ad-hoc, routine, in personal rooms or not.


we tried to github integration but found it less useful.

I setup the RSS feed app to keep updated and post changes to the what's new for the Webex Calling.  That way I get notifications when new features have been released and let my customers know if relevant to them.


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