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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

How do YOU breakout of the crowd?


Group and engage your attendees into smaller meetings with Webex breakout sessions. With enough room to be heard above the crowd, you can drive active participation in all your virtual meets.


If you've used breakout sessions, we want to know!


In fewer than 100 words, respond with your tips and/or tricks for effectively using breakout sessions for facilitating training, teaching class, or meeting with friends and family.


Hosts, do you save time preassigning participants to rooms via spreadsheet upload? Teachers, do you name the rooms after subjects or something more fun? You will be entered into a giveaway for a FREE Cisco 730 headset, by responding to this post!


This post will stay active for the entire month of April. We will randomly select a winner and reach out to them directly in the first week of May.


UPDATE: We asked educators how they use breakout rooms for effective and engaging remote learning. Read "7 breakout sessions tips from K-12 and higher ed educators" to learn more. 


More about Breakout sessions

As a host, you can preassign members to sessions, add or remove on the fly, or allow guests to float. You can even mute that one guy pouring coffee... We hope it’s coffee. As a guest, hold deep discussions or explore sessions to quickly find information. At the end of the session, you can even use artificial intelligence to show the clapping icon. Try breakout rooms today!



If you are not familiar with all the features, check out these links to learn more.


Webex Meetings | Breakout Sessions 

Breakout Sessions | Features 

Breakout Sessions | Best Practices 
Blog | Educator's Tips on Getting Remote Learning Right


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Respond to this post and share how you breakout! Your response will enter you into a giveaway for a FREE Cisco 730 Headset!

Rishi Kapur

We've used breakout sessions in our monthly HR teams meetings. With a group of about 40 associates it's nice to breakout into smaller groups to complete engagement activities and regroup with the larger team once complete.


My tip is make sue you "pop" in on the break out teams to make sure they are still on point! or to provide additional coaching/direction within the group if needed.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Have used Breakout sessions feature and it has become essential part of my training sessions in virtual world where groups activities can be performed with so much ease. 

It really brings down the challenges of virtual learnings and enhances grouped interaction, such an amazing experience. 


Hello @aahawkin,

Here at Catalina, we use breakout sessions for our corporate trainings and internal IT scrum teams to split up in teams to develop and go over tasks and issues. The trainers love it to be able to split up many users in groups to go over specific trainings and workshops. Great feature and love it! Just need to help with more detailed reporting on the MC side.  Thanks!



Recommended tip to effectively use breakout sessions for facilitating anything from training to teaching, or meeting is to preassign participants in advance!



David Arnold

Hi @aahawkin,

In Higher Education, we use break out rooms for smaller discussion groups or for focused work tasks. Pre assigned or randomly assigned break out rooms add a variety of different perspectives, student engagement, help strengthen learning objectives and are a great way to develop meaningful relationships with fellow peers.


We find breakout sessions in Webex Meetings are very effective for remote participants and with Webex Room Systems provide a great way to blend in room and remote participants. We also use the feature rich functionality of Webex persistent Teams and Spaces for continuous workflow, classroom or small group project work.


The breakout sessions in Webex Meetings and the feature rich functionality of Webex persistent Teams and Spaces provide loads of flexibility and variety for learning objectives, engagement and workflows.


Breakout sessions are a great way to split up a big class in to small group-work exercises. Spreadsheet upload is a bit trickier than we'd like for average users although most are able to figure it out. A simple drag-and-drop interface would be great to see. Some teachers of younger classes like to name their breakout groups after colours or shapes which makes it very easy for young students to remember where they are supposed to be!


This would would have been useful 6 months ago during our annual meeting, but it's good to know that key functionality are now being implemented.  I'm excited to see the rollout of future functions as the product continues to go.

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and providing genuine feedback around breakout sessions. All your responses give us a better perspective on how the feature is being taken advantage of and used creatively.

Now to mention this month's feature of the month random giveaway winner.... Our winner the is @Elane Kalavrias ! Congratulations, Elane! We will reach out to you directly.

All, stay tuned in for next month's Feature of the Month post! Thank you for your commitment to each other and for making the Webex Community a welcoming home for conversation.

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