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Webex Employee's Favorite Feature of The Month: Noise Removal

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

With the recent release of the noise removal feature in Webex, we want to hear how YOU are using it! 

In less than 50 words, respond to this post sharing how the noise removal feature is helping you stay focused or saving you from any embarrassing moments. By responding to this post, you will be entered into a giveaway for a FREE Cisco 730 headset! This post will stay active for the entire month of March. We will randomly select a winner and reach out to them directly in the first week of April. 

As a part of Webex's mission to make the meeting experience 10x better, the noise removal feature filters out any distracting noises with the click of a button. Using our advanced audio processing technology, your focus in a meeting won't be compromised by the harsh sound of garbage trucks, whistling air conditioners, or even your neighbor's blaring music. There are numerous occasions this feature can work for YOU.


If you haven't had the chance to use the noise removal feature, check out these links to help get you started and download the Quick Start Guide attached


Respond to this post and share how you are using the noise removal feature! Your response will enter you into a giveaway for a FREE Cisco 730 Headset! 


I have two very big very barky dogs. Webex noise removal makes sure their barks stay where they belong, at home.

Working home office, street noises ....


"Are you taking your meeting in the Street?"
YES! Someone asked me this question when I met him from our street-view meeting room with a glass wall where the Webex room endpoint installed. Meeting participants were clearly hearing the car's sound in the nearby busy road. Using the noise removal feature really helps to filter out any bothering noises in the background so meeting participants can focus on the voice of what important in the meeting.


My neighbor's garage caught on fire and now they are re-building it.  So I am using it to eliminate the constant noise from their air compressor.  Oh, and their yippy dog too! 

Cisco Employee

I've been using the Noise Cancellation feature to block out my heavy typing, and outside noise from construction.  This feature is working like intended solving everyday problems.  I no longer have to continuously go on mute.

Cisco Employee

Having kids with virtual schooling plus a dog who loves to run around and squeak her toys means contently living on mute.  I still mute when not talking but feel better that I can talk without worrying quite so much about background noises.

Lee Pipkin

Wife and I work from home due to covid. It eliminates the background noise from our barking dog and when either of us are on the phone or in a video conference at the same time. No more "I hear another conversation in the background.. who is that?"  Works great!


Sorry only use WebEx when invited to other's meetings. I'll look for this feature on my meeting next Tues and try it out.

John Palmason

Work form home has it challenges but with noise removal it helps down out the cats videos my cats are enjoying while I work.


Screenshot 2021-03-09 143002.gif


noise removal helps to remove the ambient noise for me in my meetings.  I work with the windows open to save electricity and being in an urban area, there is a not of environmental noise.  Totally helps!


Waiting for one to get here for testing.


Bill Bryant


Working in a cube farm with techs doing remote support and building new hardware can get a little noisy.  Noise removal has helped in making a better support environment.


Many times I had to embarrassingly cover the mouthpiece by hand during professional meetings all of a sudden. Our delivery manager tends to yell across the hallway when it is the last call for outgoing shipments. Now that I know about this feature, it will not happen again.

Cisco WebEx's Noise removal is the best thing to happen for conference meetings, this has helped me remove the constant tying noise from keyboard during the meetings, also for other participants on the meetings!

satish farande

Working from home in such noisy environment with kids, is not easy task to attend office meeting also at office sitting in cubicle in large common area surrounded by fellow colleagues in such environment noise cancelation feature does help a lot.

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