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Webex Employee's Favorite Feature of The Month: Noise Removal

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

With the recent release of the noise removal feature in Webex, we want to hear how YOU are using it! 

In less than 50 words, respond to this post sharing how the noise removal feature is helping you stay focused or saving you from any embarrassing moments. By responding to this post, you will be entered into a giveaway for a FREE Cisco 730 headset! This post will stay active for the entire month of March. We will randomly select a winner and reach out to them directly in the first week of April. 

As a part of Webex's mission to make the meeting experience 10x better, the noise removal feature filters out any distracting noises with the click of a button. Using our advanced audio processing technology, your focus in a meeting won't be compromised by the harsh sound of garbage trucks, whistling air conditioners, or even your neighbor's blaring music. There are numerous occasions this feature can work for YOU.


If you haven't had the chance to use the noise removal feature, check out these links to help get you started and download the Quick Start Guide attached


Respond to this post and share how you are using the noise removal feature! Your response will enter you into a giveaway for a FREE Cisco 730 Headset! 


I have noisy air vent just above my office and the noise cancelling feature on the 730's are great to remove all of that, and working from home is the challenge we all had during the pandemic and the Nose cancelling is a must. 

Philip Macdonald

It's great not having to hear someone else's background noise and losing your train of thought when trying to have a conversation.  It really helps meetings move at a more natural pace.

Luis Ros

Due to pandemic and working from home, I began to fully collaborate and hold videoconferences and webinars with clients, suppliers and collaborators, from home.
The fantastic feature of removing background noise has been essential for me to avoid interruptions caused by the noise of my children or dog, and especially by the sound of church bells that rang every hour and always interrupted the conversation for being something so anecdotal!.
Thank to remove background noise feature, conversations are now much more efficient and distraction-free.



I am NOT subscribed to this topic, yet I get an email every time someone responds! Clicking "Unsubscibe" in the email unsubscribes me from all feeds apparently, and under "My Settings : Subscriptions & Notifications" I can't find this topic in my 31 pages of subscriptions

And to be frank, I don't use "remove background noise" - when I tried it it made my voice go stuttery to others so I think it is a useless option. And even if I had a 730 headset, I wouldn't use it. My Blue Yeti and pc speakers are just fine.



The NR really helps blocking the warehouse background noise when using conference rooms next to the warehouse. 


Boiling the kettle, making a fresh mug of tea and playing the piano. Just a short list of things that I never could do in Webex meetings before I discovered noise removal.


While presenting to 400+ leaders, my son decided to use the bathroom with the door WIDE OPEN just outside my office. Thanks to the noise removal, I was the only one who knew!



Now that spring is closer and closer, this noise removal feature becomes more useful than ever. When having the windows open, any street noise can jump into your meetings, as well as those neighbours having loud counversations or celebrating their wins in, for example, Fortnite!


Working from home is a challenge with kids, dogs, and family life going on around you,

The noise cancellation helps focus and keeps your message on target, it is a game changer!


I often use a speakerphone device connected to my laptop, which sits on the desk next to my computer. Without noise cancellation, the keyboard sounds nearly render the speakerphone unusable. The "Remove Background Noise" feature nearly completely eliminates typing sounds and mouse-clicks, and customers are amazed when I demo the effectiveness by temporarily turning off the feature. It's a fantastic tool that I use daily!

Bobby McGonigle

Working from home, I have to sit next to a wood burning stove. It heats the home, and does a great job at it, but the noise on the far end is unbearable. The noise removal on my Webex Desk Pro changed that for the better. No one on a call with me could tell the that I had a large blower fan 5 feet away from me. With that, I'm excited to bring it to as many spaces I have on campus, as not all are built with audio in mind. This will surely help cut down on HVAC, open windows, traffic, construction and I hope so much more.


With this feature, combined with my Apple AirPods Pro, I am able to join two meetings at the same time on my laptop along with my desktop. Makes work a lot more efficient. 

Lamodio Tynes

The enhanced background noise suppression feature improves the WebEx experience for all attendees.


This is a great feature and all, and has wonderful results, but it would be nice if it was enabled by default for first time users. Or even a way for it to be enabled for our entire organization. It's very tedious having to tell every user how to enable the setting.

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